5 Passionate Posts from Top Marketers Who Love Content Marketing

Inspirational marketing advice from leading marketers for whom creating great content is a labor of love

February 14, 2015

For couples, Valentine’s Day brings out romantic flourishes and starry-eyed pronouncements of love. But the unattached – whether happily single or searching – have a wholly different experience with the day. It’s a good reminder for content marketers that igniting audience passion often requires consideration of context.

Regardless of the context, there’s no mistaking the passion the influencers who bylined the following social media marketing posts feel for their craft. To help you woo your prospects and customers, here are five examples of mesmerizing content from marketing leaders who clearly love their work.

5 Influencers Who Love Marketing, and the Posts That Prove It

1. 7 Simple Rules for Amazing Content Marketing Few people write or speak more passionately about marketing than best-selling author and speaker Dave Kerpen. In this post on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform, the founder and CEO of Likeable Local provides his usual dose of inspiration along with practical advice all marketers can use to make their content marketing better.

We loved this post so much we decided to include it in our SlideShare presentation 10 Inspiring Posts from LinkedIn Influencers in the Field of Marketing. Check out the full deck for energizing insights from Dave and nine other leading marketers.

2. Behind the Scenes: Here’s How I Sell an Idea “Ideas make way for progress; they happen long before you can show someone the money.” This observation from GE CMO Beth Comstock strikes at the heart of an issue many marketers struggle with. While it’s important to look beyond what’s worked in the past, advancing new trend-conscious initiatives can be a tough sell to leadership seeking ROI certainty.

In her post on the LinkedIn Platform, Beth provides five tips you can use to both foster and gain support for ideas. Her thoughtful, frank words can help you remain fearless in driving marketing innovation at your organization, even if you work with people who find ideas scary.

3. Why Content Marketing Fails As Moz founder Rand Fishkin notes in this engaging deck, “Failure sucks,” but we can learn from it. Rand explores why most content marketing initiatives go from “spike of hope” to “flatline of nope,” observing, “The price of success is failure after failure after failure” – with lessons hopefully being learned from each setback.

This SlideShare (which even includes a cameo by Caveman Rand) embodies the smart, funny content that marketers have come to expect from the Wizard of Moz, a marketing leader whose savvy engagement drives industry innovation.

4. 5 Tips to Become a More Confident Blogger Even as more organizations embrace blogging as a mission-critical element of their marketing, many struggle to produce regular content. This awe-inspiring SlideShare from Mark Schaefer is designed to remove the intimidation factor from blogging.

In a deck with comic book art and snappy copy, Batman provides Superman with five tips the Man of Steel can use to overcome his terror of blogging. Highly helpful and inspirational, Mark’s resource represents an ethos apparent in all his marketing writing, keynotes, and teaching.

5. Julie Fleischer of Kraft Foods Discusses Content Marketing Many may not know it, but Kraft Foods publishes a cooking magazine with a million paid subscribers. In this video, Senior Director of Data, Content & Media Julie Fleischer explains how the food company uses its print publication to promote products with content that is helpful, informative, and not sales focused.

Julie explains her team’s approach to content: “We spend a lot of time understanding who [subscribers] are, what they have on hand, what kinds of things they like to cook. . . . We’re trying to give them solutions.” A subscription renewal rate twice the industry average shows this is a recipe for success.

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