5 Reasons Not To Miss LinkedIn B2B Connect

Join us for the live broadcast of B2B Connect: Marketing Transformed

June 2, 2015

LinkedIn B2B Connect

Marketers have never had more opportunity to make a lasting impact on business. And we’re excited to help you do just that.

Consider this your official invitation to join us on June 9th for a live-streamed event you won’t want to miss. LinkedIn B2B Connect will deliver ideas and best practices for how to reach, nurture, and acquire today’s increasingly empowered buyer. Join LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and other luminaries as they share expert insights on journey based marketing and the future of B2B. You’ll also find out what you need to do to get—and keep—a seat at the revenue table.

Need more incentive? Here are 5 reasons to check out these 5 sessions at B2B Connect 2015.

1. Get Insights From The Cutting Edge

A panel of B2B’s best will discuss how top brands are investing in content, programs, nurturing strategies, and the latest marketing technologies to scale growth. Ten years ago marketing automation was just a twinkle in the eye of only the most visionary—now, it’s the price of admission. We’ll ask our panel for their take on the future, where they see the greatest opportunities for disruption, and who they’ll hire to make it all happen.

Panelists include:

2. Learn How to Navigate a Hyper-Connected World

In a fireside chat with Forbes’ George Anders, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will talk about the implications of a hyper-connected world, how LinkedIn is striving to create meaningful connections between people, and how marketers should be thinking about engaging with professionals across their various screens. The conversation will highlight the moves LinkedIn is making to digitally map out the professional world and how consumer engagement —on the LinkedIn platform and across the web—will be impacted.

3. Discover The Relevance Imperative

Marketing has undergone a massive transformation in the last decade. And it will only continue to evolve at an accelerated pace over the next five years as more innovative technologies emerge. Equipped with ever more sophisticated tools, B2B marketers are uniquely poised to impact business and drive revenue like never before. In his keynote address, Russ Glass, Head of Products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, will talk about the challenges and opportunities posed by an increasingly complex buyer’s journey and share valuable insights on how to not only keep pace, but forge confidently ahead.

4. Unlock New Insights and Nurture Techniques for Today’s B2B Marketer

The days of email-only nurture programs are numbered. Disparate regulatory environments, pervasive multi-device use, and diminishing response rates are forcing B2B organizations to rethink their nurture programs, and the channels through which those programs are executed. Jason Hekl of SiriusDecisions will explore evolving nurture strategies and the SiriusDecisions Nurture Treatment Plan, a new strategic framework marketers can use to ensure their efforts are targeted, appropriate and integrated across channels.

5. Walk the Talk: Learn Winning Practices From Leading Brands

Two B2B brands at the top of their game will share their success stories in this 45–minute interactive session. Learn how LinkedIn customers are leveraging the platform to better engage buyers and move them through the purchase process faster than ever before. Get an inside look at real-world tactics that are driving results.



Missed the event? Check out all of the sessions at your own leisure by watching them here.

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