5 Things Finance Marketers Would Love to Hear in 2015

Building a Financial Services Social Strategy? These Are The Responses You Want

February 10, 2015

As you dig in to your 2015 social strategy, chances are you’re miles ahead of where you were this time last year. At the start of 2014, the FFIEC had just issued social media guidelines for finance marketers, helping to ease industry-wide compliance concerns. Your organization likely now has social media policies in place (or in process), opening the door for both individuals and the organization to create opportunities with social media marketing.

Empowering employees to engage online networks, in coordination with compliance, can allow you to feed a social audience hungry for financial insights. But how will you know your social messaging strategy is a hit in 2015?

Here is some feedback successful finance marketers can expect:

5 Responses to Expect From A Successful 2015 Social Media Strategy

1. “Great share!”

You can expect to hear this from thankful colleagues when you share helpful or insightful content. Take the time to help people understand how the content you’re sharing can benefit them, and set an example others can follow to increase your organization’s social media reach and effectiveness.

Go beyond promotional updates to share quality content on topics vital to your audience’s interests. Set out to enlighten, sharing information that demonstrates your expertise and establishes you and your brand as an industry authority.

2. “Here’s how we can make this work.”

This can-do sentiment comes from a compliance officer who understands the role social content can play in the organization’s success. Increasing collaboration with your legal team can help you create content that’s compelling, authentic, and, most importantly, legal. Open communication regarding key issues can strengthen relationships with your compliance team, allowing you to take advantage of timely content opportunities.

You can use these questions to help drive the discussion:

  1. Does everyone have a shared understanding of your organization’s social media policy?
  2. Is everyone in-the-know about marketing activities planned for social networks?
  3. Are people clear on review processes for both static and interactive content?
  4. Are appropriate personnel trained on social media monitoring tools and processes?
  5. Do people understand documentation procedures for social media messaging?
  6. What organization-wide training can empower employees to responsibly increase the reach of your firm’s brand narrative?

 3. "What can I do to help you succeed?"

Hearing these words, you know your CEO gets it. When company leaders understand the role social media marketing plays in the new buyer journey, they are more likely to serve as social ambassadors by participating on social networks and providing thought leadership content (or by encouraging other company leaders to participate).

Even if your CEO is a behind-the-scenes type, executive buy-in is critical for a successful content strategy. Back up funding requests with data that shows how financial services firms are successfully leveraging content in social outreach to engage and influence prospects in the contemporary buyer journey.


4. "Your story PR newspaperis getting picked up."

This good news results from having a public relations team fully engaged in your social strategy. They understand that media coverage is an important complement to your paid campaigns and owned digital assets.

A symbiotic relationship between the social media marketing and public relations team is critical for taking full advantage of amplification opportunities. Teams can collaborate to strategize what content – case studies, industry research, executive messaging, etc. – best fits each channel and plan crossover promotion.

Work with the PR team to find pitch angles and provide insights that can help build relationships with influencers, analysts, researchers, journalists, and other influential professionals in the financial sector. Whether you’re working with an in-office team or external PR personnel, it’s important to bring your compliance knowledge to bear during promotion planning.


5. "I wish you would share more about xyz."

These words from your audience should be music to your ears. You’ve hit on the most relevant topics they care about, and people are now looking to you for expertise. The credibility and trust you’ve built is driving online brand visibility.

Sometimes it’s not actually people, but rather data that provides this type of feedback. When you use engagement metrics to evaluate messaging, you can create and share more content that feeds your audience’s hunger.

Now that you’ve had a year to adjust to the new social media guidelines for finance marketers, 2015 is your time to shine on social channels. By sharing great content that is compliant, engaging, and relevant to your audience, you can increase the visibility of your brand and deepen relationships with the people that can help you achieve your goals over the coming year.


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