5 Ways the World of Technology Marketing is Changing. And Fast.

A recap from TechConnect Sydney 2015

October 17, 2015

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LinkedIn’s TechConnect Sydney 2015 gave us all the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest marketing and technology minds from around the globe. As well as giving guests a chance to network, it was a chance to learn about a range of topics including how you can use data to connect with customers and decision-makers, and how to ensure your content is relevant and heard above the noise. Read on for 5 practical insights from some of the world’s best marketers.

Make sure decision-maker David is engaged with your brand.

LinkedIn’s own Kelly Kyer and Elisa Koch gave us a glimpse into the company’s new market research, showing what typical IT decision-makers look like and how they engage with brands.

According to Kyer, marketing teams need to nurture customers in the post-sales relationship phase more than ever, because customers will proactively engage with brands more often after purchasing. Kyer said LinkedIn’s research shows 78 per cent of buyers require education to sustain or make a change to their IT ecosystem.

Drawing on LinkedIn’s latest research, Elisa Koch told us about the typical tech buyer, conveniently named David. David generally has 17 years in the industry and is working in an SMB high-tech company. He generally looks for content on topics, such as mobile computing, information security, test automation and scalability. Koch said marketing teams need to take immediate action and speak to David with relevant content, otherwise he’ll go to the competition to find what he needs.

You have 8 seconds to be heard. But don’t shout.

On a panel featuring three of the region’s top marketing minds, we learned that attention spans are decreasing, rapidly (but the panel certainly held our attention).

OMD’s Head of Telstra Vanessa Nicol was on the panel and said content must be short, focused and more engaging than ever. She said consumer attention spans have decreased so rapidly in recent times and can be as short as eight seconds!

Also featured on the panel was Lenovo Asia Pacific CMO Nick Reynolds who told us Lenovo had an uphill battle entering the Australian market with a much smaller marketing budget. The PC company circumvented the need to ‘shout louder’ than its competitors with a content marketing strategy that targeted millennial’s love for tech, fashion and music. The strategy has helped Lenovo grow to the number two PC brand in Australia today.

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Leverage your loyalists.

Rounding out the all-star panel was Microsoft Australia CMO Lead Jo Lanzarone who said Microsoft is leveraging its fans as a way to amplify its brand and products on digital and social media platforms. Fans have advocacy with their audiences and can create the type of buzz around a new product that traditional media just can’t quite achieve, as they saw with the recent launch of Windows 10.

Throw out the marketing playbook.

Xero’s CMO Andy Lark had some passionate arguments against the old marketing playbook and the future being with digital and content marketing. Xero focuses most of its resources on developing a better product, leading to stronger online brand advocacy. The company also deploys content strategies designed to enhance this brand advocacy and draw more people to the product.

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Know your audience. Like, really know them.

TechConnect was rounded out with Bizo founder and now LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Head of Products Russell Glass talking to us about creating relevance with your audience. Data allows companies to get a better idea of every customer's habits and why they choose to spend their money, and marketers can use this information to create relevant and timely connections with customers if and when they need them.

TechConnect 2015 provided invaluable insights into the changing world of marketing and how to capitalise on growing technology change, as well as engage potential customers with relevant content.

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