6 More Thought Leaders Share What’s NOT on Your LinkedIn Profile (TechConnect:13 Edition)

October 28, 2013

Our first video asking marketing thought leaders the fun question “What’s NOT on your LinkedIn Profile?” turned out to be a surprise hit. The post and video quickly became one of our most shared and viewed pieces of content to date. We even got a great shout out by the queen of content marketing herself, Marketing Prof’s Ann Handley.

On top of all that, we had so much fun producing the video that we have decided to make this an ongoing feature moving forward. Our latest video is from the LinkedIn TechConnect:13 event.

Check out the responses from Natalie Malaszenko, VP of Global Digital Marketing at Hewlett-Packard, Kimberley Brind, Senior Director of Global Social Marketing & EMEA Marketing at Oracle, Jason Bartlett, Vice President, Global Social Marketing at Xerox, Gunther Schumacher, Worldwide President & COO at OgilvyOne, Roslyn Ku, Vice President at comScore, and Esther Dyson, Chairman at HiCCup.

Why not ask your co-workers the same: What's one thing that’s not on YOUR profile on the world's largest professional social network? It’s likely to become a fun and engaging piece of content. Share the responses with us on Twitter @LinkedInMktg.