6 Thought Leaders Share What’s NOT on Their LinkedIn Profile [VIDEO]

May 13, 2015

linkedin profile 650

Can you tell me something that’s not on your LinkedIn profile?

It's a question that is posed to all new LinkedIn employees by our fearless leader & CEO Jeff Weiner: “Can you tell me something that’s not on your LinkedIn profile?” It is a LinkedIn tradition of sorts, serving as a way to get to know new hires a bit better. The answers never fail to entertain - they range from special talents, rare allergies, to embarrassing first jobs and beyond. Two years ago, we asked 9 Content Marketing Thought Leaders Share What's NOT on Their LinkedIn Profile when we had the chance to catch them all in one place during Content Marketing World.

This year, I caught up with a new set of industry leaders at Social Media Marketing World 2015. We posed the same question, but received a new slew of interesting and fun answers. Check out the responses from:

Then ask your co-workers the same. What’s one thing that’s not on your profile on the world’s largest professional social network?

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