7 Badass Tactics for SlideShare Content Domination [SLIDESHOW]

August 27, 2013

We are all visual thinkers. 75 percent of the sensory neurons in our brains process visual information. As prospects and customers continue to be bombarded with information in the form of pure text such as whitepapers and blogs, it can be difficult to differentiate your content from the competition. Visual content can help and SlideShare is the perfect place to publish.

SlideShare is not just a repository for your slide presentations. It’s a social channel where you can establish your brand as a thought leader and authority around topics and keywords. With 60 million visitors a month and 3 billion slide views a month (that’s 1140 slides per second), if you are not publishing content here, you are simply missing opportunities.

The presentation below is from a session I recently did at Social Fresh West, a social media conference in San Diego. I pulled together seven essential tactics that successful SlideShare content publishers are using to turn their content marketing efforts up to eleven. Also included are some of the top businesses and brands using SlideShare effectively as part of their overall integrated marketing approach.

I chose the theme of “badass” because it’s a style that is understated yet instantly recognizable. Like a chopped Harley or the perfect pair of sunglasses, this style is simple, direct and functional (just like a good piece of content should be).

Visual language aids in decision making, is more persuasive, and makes a better, longer overall impression than simple text – plus it almost always wins in terms of overall views and virality across the social sphere. So, who’s ready to get started producing compelling visual content for your brand?

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