8 Keys to Success for Social at Large Organizations

What We’ve Learned From The Top Performing Brands on LinkedIn

August 3, 2014

Last week we had the great fortune to host a webcast with our client, Lucas Mast, Senior Director of Corporate Social Marketing at Visa. The topic: best practices for organizational alignment to drive social and content marketing success.

To help our marketers continue to refine their process, we wanted to go beyond the “what” and “why” of content marketing, to the “how.” Large, established companies in particular are challenged by bringing together traditionally separate disciplines of technology, creative and media in a seamless way.

Ahead of the powerful insights Lucas shared about Visa's success, we took a look at some of the data we have about our Top 10 Performing Brands on LinkedIn using our Content Marketing Score (CMS) tool. These massive companies have, on average, been in business for nearly 100 years and today have over 150K employees, with 2.5K+ marketers, yet their performance demonstrates that they have been able to break down barriers internally to do what’s needed to get ahead in social media.

According to our data, the top performing brands on LinkedIn:

  • Publish on average 112 status updates per month (about 4 per day!) and are continuing to increase their volume
  • Target content to specific audiences within their roughly 880K organic follower base through “Targeted Status Updates”
  • Sponsor content via Sponsored Updates regularly to ensure that content reaches the intended audiences at scale
  • See performance 1.5X higher than platform benchmarks based on Engagement Rate, and are continually improving

In terms of internal structure, the top performing brands on LinkedIn:

  • Have on average 26 admins on their Company Page, with 9 on average publishing content
  • Manage content predominantly through the Marketing and Communications departments 
  • Place admin rights in the hands of Managers and Senior Level employees, showing that this is truly an important function to these brands

We also provided the8 Keys to Success For Social at Large Organizations, drawing on our experience working with large enterprise clients across industries. Below is what we have found works best to drive success with social media.

8 Keys to Success for Social at Large Organizations

  1. Have a Documented Strategy

    Make sure it is specific, achievable, and measurable. Even consider a basic strategy using the “5W+H framework”: why (goals), who (target audience), what (your content), where (the newsfeed on LinkedIn), when (every day), how (infographics and relevant curated articles produced).” Be cautious not to over-plan.

  2. Have Clear Roles & Responsibilities

    Spell out who does what on a team org chart. Consider all the players internally and externally, including auxiliary teams like PR, Legal, Compliance, etc.

  3. Map Out Your Processes Step-by-Step

    It sounds simple but make sure you write down each step in the process from idea through publishing. It helps to avoid confusion and streamline your time to publishing. Put names and times behind the process to hold people accountable to SLAs.

  4. Live by Your Content Calendar

    Have 2+ weeks planned at a time and maintain a track for events (both company and audience specific). Top brands are also building targeting and amplification into their calendars.

  5. Make Your Technology Work For You

    Your content calendar should live in your SMMS tools to enable collaboration in real-time with your teams. Take advantage of all the features such as scheduling and rules to maximize your efficiency.

  6. Adaptable Teams Wear Multiple Hats

    Require your team to learn new skills outside their job title. Content creators should be encouraged to analyze metrics or create graphics. Sharing the load creates a shared sense of responsibility and pride in the big picture results.

  7. Be Distribution Driven

    Proactively plan to ensure great content reaches great people. All the great content you’re producing needs to get in front of the great people your business cares about. Don’t stop once it’s created; think through how you can amplify it.

  8. Measure Twice, Improve Continuously

    Leverage actionable insights to optimize strategy and quality. Don’t get comfortable; social media enables you to continually raise the bar on your content, so make sure your iterate and evolve.

We hope you have been inspired and enlightened from the data and best practices shared.

Want the full webcast presentation? You can download it from SlideShare below.

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