Advancing Relevancy: LinkedIn Debuts Showcase Pages

November 19, 2013

LinkedIn is the world's definitive professional publishing platform, and for brands, the Company Page is a core part of our ecosystem. More than three million companies leverage their Company Page to promote content and to build relationships – sharing relevant information, encouraging vibrant discussions, and publishing useful insights that help our members become more productive and successful. Today, we’re excited to add a new layer to this experience with the launch of Showcase Pages.

Now companies can extend their LinkedIn presence by creating dedicated pages for their more prominent brands, businesses, and initiatives. Through Showcase Pages, companies can segment content to distinct audiences who are interested in different aspects of their business. It’s a new way to directly engage the right people in the right context.

We worked very closely in a pilot phase with a handful of premiere companies, including Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft and HP, to build and fine-tune the product and are excited to unveil it to you today.


Microsoft_Office - Blog Screenshot Final


Following a new Showcase Page

LinkedIn members can follow a Showcase Page the same way they follow a Company Page. Once members become followers, updates from the Showcase Page are shared in their LinkedIn feed or can be viewed when they visit the Showcase Page. Additionally, companies can expand their reach beyond their current followers by promoting content through Sponsored Updates.  Doing so enables brands to directly share from a Showcase Page to members’ feeds on desktop, smartphone, and tablet.


Creating a new Showcase Page

Showcase Pages can be created by a current Company Page administrator who can then add other administrators to manage the new pages. Similar to Company Pages, administrators will be able to monitor performance through dedicated analytic tools within the Showcase Page experience.



Through Showcase Pages, we’re reinforcing our commitment to provide integrated solutions that allow content to flow easily through our platform. We are focused on creating simplified social experiences that enable companies to amplify their messages to the right people and drive engagement. For more information and to get started with Showcase Pages, please visit us here.