Amplify Your Marketing: Tips to Help Employees Share Company Content

July 18, 2014


One of the challenges companies face as they develop and implement their content marketing strategies is finding ways to scale distribution of various digital assets. Outsourcing can be expensive and placing the amplification onus on your internal group of bloggers can be a daunting task – especially if your marketing department is already working overtime to create great content in the first place.

We know that brand advocacy goes a long way toward making your marketing more relevant and effective, but what about employee advocacy? Your workforce represents an untapped resource that holds tremendous potential for your company to scale its content marketing efforts.

Here are a few content marketing tips to help turn your employees into not just advocates, but brand ambassadors.

Tips for Motivating Employees to Share:

Ignite a sense of purpose

Research shows that the millennial generation in particular places a great deal of importance on career progression and personal growth. By encouraging them (and all your employees) to share company information, you tap into their need for personal expression and make them an integral part of the success of your company. Leveraging the credibility of the publishing source helps employees identify with the brand and provides them with a sense of mission within the company.

Help employees build their own brand

Today, personal branding has become its own industry. Your employees are looking to establish their personal brand online, and you can help them accomplish their goals. It’s in their best interest to share your content on LinkedIn because when your company looks good, so too does their affiliation with your company.

Offer training on what to share - and what not

Employees are 70% more likely to click, share, and comment on a LinkedIn update than a typical LinkedIn user. By providing training, you can help your employees distribute your content with even greater confidence. If you provide your employees with a set of guidelines or best practices – while still allowing for personal expression – more employees will be happy to share high-quality content with their networks and you’ll further amplify the reach of your efforts.

Provide tools to enhance the experience

GaggleAMP is a social marketing platform that empowers employees and partners to engage with and promote your entire content arsenal. You can amplify your social media reach by providing a fun way for them to share messages. You can even add rewards to enhance social proof, inspiring them to share more often. When your employees can measure the success of their content sharing, they’ll quickly see the business – and personal – impact of their efforts.

Increased traffic, interactions and leads are the byproduct of an employee-driven amplification network. Your employees can extend content marketing reach in an authentic fashion that simply can’t be achieved by your social media manager alone. Plus, they’re already connecting with the people you want to reach. It’s a match made in LinkedIn heaven!


To set your employees up for success, you first need to share great content. Get the download on the types of content professionals on LinkedIn want from you in our latest report: