Announcing The 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report

June 10, 2014

There have been major shifts in the way content reaches professionals. First, the internet blew open constraints on getting access to information, moving power away from brands and into the hands of consumers. Then, advances in search gave consumers two approaches to surfacing information on the web: passively discovering it while “browsing” or actively “searching” for it. More recently, the rise of online social networks offered a new way to filter the massive amount of content on the web. Consumers can now passively browse content that has been shared by their social network or directly ask their advice.

Related to this trend, we are witnessing a shift among LinkedIn members; a revolution if you will. Professionals are turning to LinkedIn to satiate their large and growing appetite for professionally-relevant content.

This raises a number of questions for brands that have embraced content marketing. How important is professional content to their target audience? What kinds of professional content is their target audience attracted to? And, ultimately, what benefits does their target audience experience by consuming professional content?

We conducted a survey of over 2,700 LinkedIn members in the U.S. who actively share and consume content on LinkedIn, which revealed some surprising statistics. On average they spend about one full workday (8 hours) consuming professionally relevant content as a way to educate themselves on industry news and trends. Additionally, we discovered that, on average, they spend more time consuming professionally relevant content than they do news and entertainment; 41% versus 29% respectively.


These LinkedIn members on the forefront of this revolution are leading the way by consuming and sharing professional content in record numbers. We call these folks "Content Revolutionaries." They are the audience for whom you want to tailor your content. And there’s good news for marketers. Armed with this knowledge, you can use the insights from this research to better understand how to create content that connects with these content revolutionaries.

Introducing the 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report

This ground-breaking research reveals the secret behind who these revolutionaries are, why and how they are consuming professional content on LinkedIn, and how you as a marketer can tap into their behaviors. It’s a big opportunity for content marketers everywhere, and you will be more effective at reaching the content revolutionaries after reading this report.

Download The 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report to learn:

  • The 4 key attributes of the content revolutionaries that marketers need to know
  • The primary motivations behind why these members are sharing professional content
  • Insider tips for how to tailor your content to connect with these content revolutionaries
  • The multi-benefits these content revolutionaries receive from consuming and sharing professional content on LinkedIn
  • And much more

The choice is yours; watch from the sidelines or answer the call to join the professional content marketing revolution.

Download the full report “The 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report” from LinkedIn today.