Announcing the First Always-On Marketing Guide Designed for Finance Marketers

March 17, 2015

Today, engaging customers means having a conversation and nurturing a relationship over time, rather than sending one-sided, short-term messages. It means consistently delivering relevant, always-on content. But what does that kind of marketing mean for financial marketers, who must evaluate every company statement against legal and compliance concerns?

We asked that question of social and content marketers, including the trailblazers leading social and content marketing programs for organizations such as Citi, BlackRock, Digitas, and Zurich.

Today, after months of research and interviews, we’re happy to present our first how-to guide designed specifically for finance marketers, The Sophisticated Finance Marketer: Moving to Always-On from an Event-Based Strategy. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

A road map for steering your company to an always-on social strategy.

From defining your strategy to securing the support of top management, sourcing content and measuring performance, this guide is designed help you ditch the overwhelm, get past the naysayers, and plant your feet firmly on the road to always-on marketing success.

“The risk of not doing something interesting is bigger than not doing anything at all.” – Paul Butcher, Head of Digital Communications, Citi

Valuable perspectives on working with legal and compliance.

“If you get a good partner, legal will help you figure out how to create good content that’s compelling and that people want to share versus advertising that is totally vetted and, you know, focus-grouped, and figured out to the hilt.” – Anne-Marie Kline, former SVP Social & Content, Digitas

"Through a combination of technology, training, and policy, we have proven we can engage in a productive dialogue with regulators and develop an effective working model that empowers firms, marketing teams, and regulated employees to successfully engage and delight customers." – Yasmin Zarabi, Head of Compliance, Hearsay Social

Time-tested methods for building trust and customer relationships.

“It’s about giving first and attracting customers, rather than chasing them.” – Shane Snow, Chief Creative Officer, Contently

“Always-on leads to quality content generated on a consistent basis. A successful always-on strategy involves establishing an editorial calendar that addresses both organic evergreen and real-time content.” – Lorin Suslow, Social Media Marketing Strategist, BlackRock

“Prioritize influencers who are the most likely to have time available when you need them.” – Caitlin Roberson, VP West, Skyword

Strategies for getting everyone on board, from top management on down.

“Social media amplifies and touches everything that you do. You need to look at social media as an all-encompassing umbrella, rather than maintaining it in one division.” – Amy McIlwain VP, Social & Digital Strategy, Moore Communications Group

“As always-on has evolved within our overall marketing strategy, we realized measurement needed to be taken a step further.” – Monu Kalsi, VP, Head of Digital Marketing, Zurich North America

You’ll find much more packed into this helpful guide.

From broad-view inspiration to tactical advice, this is the first guide book of its kind specifically geared toward finance marketers. See how others in your industry are transforming the way they interact with customers, and learn how you can lead your organization in the same direction.

Download The Sophisticated Finance Marketer: Moving to Always-On from an Event-Based Strategy today.