Are You Reaching the Most Valuable, Influential Consumer Tech Buyers? [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 28, 2013

In an industry where new product launches happen daily, consumer tech companies must compete for attention, differentiate their products and convince buyers to open their wallets. But marketers aren’t always segmenting consumers based on potential or interest in being a tech buyer. How much time do we spend talking at consumers with little to no interest in buying expensive consumer technology? Where do the desirable buyers congregate online, and what makes them so valuable?

Our latest Consumer Technology Research sheds some light on this untapped “indulgent techie” audience and shows that that not all consumers are created equal when it comes to their willingness to spend on hot new products. In contrast to the tech consumers traditionally reached on lifestyle media, indulgent techies buy tech products often, spend more on each device, and influence the purchases of others. They are high-value consumers that spend time looking for tech information on LinkedIn.

Our new research shows that these “indulgent techies” on LinkedIn are a valuable audience for any consumer tech marketer:

• They spend more money: LinkedIn members were twice as likely than the general population to spend $1,000 or more on consumer tech products. (In fact, 25% of members spent more than $2,000 in 2012!)

• They own more products: 88 percent of LinkedIn members own smartphones, compared to 46 percent of the general population; and 62 percent of LinkedIn members own tablets, compared to only 22 percent generally.

• They’re more likely to make a purchase: 88 percent bought at least one tech product in the past year, compared to 80 percent of overall consumers.

• They’re influencers: 68 percent say that others rely on them for advice about their tech purchases.

And these techies turn to social media before and after purchasing their devices:

• 56 percent of LinkedIn members turn to their social networks for advice before they make a purchase.

• 53 percent share information about what they buy after they make a purchase.

Given the value of these passionate consumer tech buyers, it makes sense for consumer technology marketers to create campaigns aimed at indulgent techies, even as they continue to market via lifestyle channels. To engage with these buyers, you need to be where they are – in this case, sharing news on social networks about the latest and coolest products – and create a place for conversation between your brand and consumers.

LinkedIn can help marketers grab and hold that indulgent techie’s attention. You can talk to influencers that you aren’t reaching elsewhere online, and you can become a trusted source for product information. You can listen to what professional, affluent buyers are saying about your products and respond appropriately. And you can target your messages to high-value tech consumers based on gender, seniority, and geography. To find out more about how LinkedIn helps marketers engage with consumer tech buyers, see the full study below or contact us today.