Ask the Expert: Intel’s Jovy Gill Makes Marketing Sense Out of CES 2015

January 15, 2015

Last week, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) captured the attention of some of the most innovative minds in our industry. This week, I was fortunate enough to borrow the mind of Jovy Gill, Sr. Creative Strategist, Consumer at Intel Corporation, to get her thoughts on how to make sense of all the trends and focus marketers are buzzing about after CES. Jovy is an award-winning creative marketer whose project work has won multiple Cannes Lions awards for digital and film categories. A 15-year veteran in global branding for business and consumer brands, she is currently responsible for creative strategy, management and production of global communication and campaign content for Intel's wearable products and CSR initiatives like Conflict Free.

So, how does a marketer leverage the new technology coming to market this year? In what ways do we expect the marketing landscape to change, and what trends can we not afford to ignore? Check out Jovy’s thoughts on the aftermath of CES 2015 in our Q&A below.

Evolving Towards the Consumer: A Marketer’s Perspective on CES 2015

LinkedIn (Andy): Jovy, as a Creative Professional, what did you expect to hear the most about after the CES show this year? 

Jovy: In my role as Creative Strategist at Intel, I’m responsible for building consumer facing marketing content that is relevant, engaging and drives business results.  A big part of my role ties together smart marketing strategies and flawless execution.  At CES, I expected to hear a lot about emerging consumer products like wearables and 3D-Printing, but now am more excited to think about how these [new products] are going to impact and change how consumers will interact with the world around them.  As a marketer, it is essential to think about the actual customer experience and the moments that will be enabled through new technologies.

LinkedIn (Andy):  A show like this brings a look at trends, at competitive product lines, and a host of business connections – from publishers to agencies and other vendors. How do you make sense of all that information coming out at once?

Jovy: One of the biggest challenges at, and after, any major conference like CES is to find the valuable nuggets of insight and make them operational.   You have to come into the conference with an open mind, but also with some objectives or goals with a specific business problem you are looking to solve for.  There are often some great theories or vendors with amazing point-solutions, but bringing them back to formulate pilots are always a challenge.  I’ve already planned aside a portion of my time in 2015 for creative experimentation – to test new approaches and tools that may have the potential to reshape our strategies.  Content Marketing has been a passion point for me and I’m looking forward to exploring new ways to approach it for our business this year.

LinkedIn (Andy): Global brands have been working harder and harder to build a social presence on platforms like LinkedIn, and content plays a significant role in that design. What is likely to stand out about content this year?

Jovy: What has really hit me so far is the volume of data that consumers are and will be producing through their interaction with the variety of products they are using.  Whether it is apps, wearables, or connected things, there is a tsunami of real consumer data that marketers need to take advantage of in formulating a solid understanding of consumer needs.  I like observed data and the opportunities it has for me as a creative marketer, and expect it to really take off this year based on what I’ve heard.  Take for instance the LinkedIn newsfeed -- there are some amazing opportunities here with LinkedIn to understand key target segments and the content professionals are engaged with to help formulate content strategies and media priorities. Companies like DIVE Networks, which featured content trends on LinkedIn at the OMD Oasis during CES, helping brands figure out what content is most important to audiences through observed behavior.  It is a small step in becoming a much more informed marketer.

LinkedIn (Andy): Any industry show, including CES, can get a little buzzword crazy. What are some overplayed phrases and likely new trends for our industry as we move into 2015?

Jovy: I think buzzwords exist because people are facing complex challenges in need of simple definitions.  Big Data, Content Marketing, Omni-channel Marketing – these are all buzzwords but they are also problems that marketers are trying to solve.  These challenges will all continue in 2015, because the minute we think we have a great solution another transformative technology or experience will emerge to redefine an old problem.  I believe the big trend for 2015 will be a shift away from the siloed marketing side challenges and back to the practical understanding of consumer moments.  These consumer moments will be fed by essential real-time data sources like wearables and trending content so we can intersect our most critical audiences with highly relevant and personal brand messages.

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