Ask the Expert: Santa Claus on Spreading Content Cheer for the Holidays

December 23, 2014

He goes by many names: Pere Noel, Saint Nick, and Father Christmas to name a few. But you probably know him best as Santa Claus.

Although he’s completely “snowed in” this time of year, the authority on holiday cheer was kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes to provide his insights on seasonal content marketing strategy before dashing north for final prep.

See what the man in the red suit has to say about spreading holiday cheer all throughout the year.

Q&A with Santa Claus, Head of Operations & Brand Manager of Cheer at North Pole

LinkedIn: Thank you for your time Santa, we know you are extremely busy this time of year.

Santa Claus: My pleasure, happy to be here to talk about my favorite subject: holiday cheer!

LinkedIn: Yes, and you always seem to have plenty to go around! Tell us, what is your secret to spreading holiday cheer throughout the year?

Santa Claus: [Blushes with rosy cheeks] Well as you might guess, I rely heavily on organization. It helps me do my job much more efficiently. I make segmented lists now, but I still check them twice. I even structure my Cheer Outreach Department into three branches for greater productivity.

LinkedIn: Cheer Outreach Department?

Santa Claus: Yes, it’s our form of branding for the business. The department has subdivisions for Peace, Joy, and Goodwill, all of which operate out of our North Pole headquarters.

LinkedIn: I can see you have a structured approach to your work, which obviously allows you to get a lot done during your busy season. What suggestions do you have for content cheer outreach during the holiday season?

Santa Claus: Prioritize your efforts. Mrs. Claus and I always tell the Cheer Outreach department to start with peace. Peace is a company-wide area of focus because it unites us and removes the obstacles that stand in the way of progress. By focusing on peace first, we can confidently move forward with joy and goodwill.

The simplest of gestures can often mean the most this time of year. For instance, when I log into LinkedIn each morning, I try to send season’s greetings to someone I haven’t spoken to in a while. I can assure you that a nicely written holiday InMail message will be appreciated by your valued connections.

When promoting joy, we aim to make people laugh and smile by providing pleasant experiences. I believe marketers can do the same by publishing clever, useful content that is inspiring and positive.

Finally, goodwill means generosity. I enjoy making donations to charitable organizations. And while I definitely admire those who donate anonymously, I also feel as though organizations can and should take advantage of the platforms they are given to encourage others to join worthy causes. The Mrs. and I certainly appreciate all the volunteers who spread goodwill during the season, and year round. To help pay it forward, we encourage the elves to volunteer their toy-making skills on company time during the slow season.

All three subdivisions are essential to our outreach efforts. Plus, I have a minor fascination with grouping things in threes. Ho, ho, ho!

LinkedIn: How do you maintain your brand’s always-on cheer throughout the year?

Santa Claus: The month of December is definitely the pinnacle of our year’s work, but spreading holiday cheer is a year-round job! As I see it, Christmas Spirit is our brand and spreading holiday cheer throughout the year with peace, joy, and goodwill helps to strengthen our brand.

And we always take time to celebrate our successes. After we deliver the last present, we gather the team to recap season highlights and take a short break before we start up again in the New Year. Even Father Christmas needs a little break from his work sometimes. During my time off, there’s nothing like a good book to keep my holiday spirit going strong.

LinkedIn: We were wondering how you keep such a vigorous holiday spirit. How are you setting your team up for success in 2015?

Santa Claus: We want next year to be about the spirit of collaboration. Of course, collaboration comes more naturally when you have the right people. Part of my job is knowing the special qualities of the different personalities in my Cheer Outreach department to make sure there are no Scrooges among them. Even a single one could make our brand sound more curmudgeonly than cheerful!

Internally, we will make sure that the team can stay fresh by cross-training on various positions. This is especially helpful for the reindeer, as we give others like Comet and Prancer the chance to guide the sleigh. Externally, we drop hints throughout the year in all forms of traditional and digital marketing, but specifically this year we are paying attention to mobile advertising. Based on how many smart phones I have left under the tree the last few years, I can tell you it’s becoming a necessary consideration for our content distribution strategy.

LinkedIn: We’ve always been big fans of your approach, Santa. Thank you for sharing!

Santa Claus: My pleasure indeed! I love spreading this message to marketers because they have the power to spread cheer. So go forth and inspire this holiday season! You never know whose day you will brighten with your content marketing cheer [winks].

LinkedIn: Well said, Santa. Good luck with your final preparations and the big trip.

Santa Claus: Thank you, and remember to leave some carrots for the reindeer and track us on your smartphone. Best wishes and happy holidays to all!

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