Australians on LinkedIn – A Snapshot

June 12, 2014

With over 6 million professionals in Australia on LinkedIn, our insights team thought we’d share a little more about who our members are, and what it is about LinkedIn that keeps them coming back to the platform.

In fact, we've even put together a visual summary of the information we discovered about this engaged audience on LinkedIn. See the full infographic below and continue reading to learn more.


Australian’s on LinkedIn form an affluent, educated and influential audience. Over half have a household income of over $100,000 (64%), and close to half have over a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of investible assets (49%). A significant number of members have indicated they’re in-market for financial products and services in the next 12 months (46%) – with shares, income protection and property loans the most sought-after products, signaling a focus on strengthening personal portfolios.

They’re well versed, with almost three-quarters university qualified (71%), and close to half holding a position of manager or above within their organisations (46%). When it comes to decision making at work, over three quarters make or influence business decisions (76%) – and one fifth call all the shots in their companies (20%).

There’s certainly no shortage of travelers – almost three-quarters of our members are part of frequent flyer programs (73%). They’re up in the air often, with half of our members traveling by air for business in the past 12 months (57%), and even more traveling for leisure over the same period (79%).

Australian’s are avid techies – almost all members own a smartphone (94%) and a significant proportion own tablets (79%). With almost one in two now accessing LinkedIn via a mobile device, it’s never been more crucial to be conscious of where your audience is consuming content as a marketer – and take steps to deliver relevant, valuable information to them when they’re on the move, as well as on their desktops.


So what is it about LinkedIn that brings Australian’s to the platform, wherever they are? LinkedIn is investing in becoming the definitive content publishing platform for professionals, so it’s no surprise to see that already close to half of our members consider the platform to be one of their primary sources for business news and content (48%) - and well over half are following companies (59%), opening a direct line of communication with brands on the platform that they have an affinity with.

Most members continue to leverage LinkedIn as a social networking tool (86%) – capitalizing on the power of relationships. It’s also where they host and maintain their professional identity (62%), and on a more tactical level, over half agree that the platform helps them build and nurture relationships for the purposes of generating leads for their businesses (54%).

As we continue to grow our member-base in Australia, we’re excited to be helping our members become more productive and more successful at whatever they choose to do. We hope you will join us in that quest.

About the Author: Ben Russell is an Insights Analyst for the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team in Australia. Learn more about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions can help you build relationships with these engaged Australian members through content marketing here

Source: Data collected via opt-in survey. All findings are reported at an aggregate level, so as not to compromise our 'members first' policy around personally identifiable data.