Develop a Successful Marketing Strategy With Sales Tech

January 31, 2021

Savvy marketers use sales tech illustration

Marketing technology is no doubt an essential part of the marketing strategy. And the global market is becoming saturated — there were approximately 5,000 marketing technology competing globally in 2017 that exponentially increased to more than 7,000 by 2019 as famously portrayed by Scott Brinker’s Martech 5000 supergraphic.

With too many options, marketers are increasingly finding ways to streamline their tools to break the silos and engage customers in a personalised way. Then there are the savvy marketers pushing beyond the marketing realm, aligning more closely with the sales teams to tackle challenges together for the greater business impact.

Marketers are starting to use sales tech alongside martech to achieve these goals, and we are seeing this trend on LinkedIn - steady and significant increase in the number of marketers using our sales solution like Sales Navigator. We crunched the numbers and made some interesting discoveries

  • 26% increase in the number of marketers holding Sales Navigator licences
  • 2x growth in the number of leads and accounts saved by these marketers 
  • 2x growth in the number of messages sent by marketers on LinkedIn 

This tells us two things: (1) more and more marketers are using Sales Navigator, and (2) they are as active as users from other professions. Now, marketers don’t invest their time unless there’s a return, so why are they using it? 

Plugging into the Sales Universe

We believe that marketers use sales tech because they want to share the same view of the customer as their sales teams. They want to know, in real time, who their sales reps are prospecting so that they can direct their marketing efforts to partner with them. That way, marketing is able to make a more visible and attributable contribution to revenue won. 

In the hands of a savvy marketer, sales tech like Sales Navigator can help to: 

  • Inform marketing strategy and segmentation approach, with insights that you can use to identify, prioritise and target the accounts and contacts that matter most to your sales teams and the business.
  • Advance account-based marketing (ABM) efforts by helping you gather intelligence and track engagement levels across your highest-value accounts .
  • Stay closely aligned with sales teams with real-time visibility into who your sales teams are prospecting so you can refine your lead generation efforts accordingly.

For a closer look at why sales tech deserves a place in your organisation’s marketing arsenal, check out our latest playbook. 

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