Full-Funnel Strategy on LinkedIn Goes the Distance in Engaging Refinitiv’s Audience

March 7, 2021

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Too often, brands make a fantastic first impression with their audience, but find it difficult to keep them engaged through the decision-making funnel. The time, effort and financial investment needed to convert leads into sales often become prohibitive. Aware of the power of high-quality data and technology, Financial market data and infrastructure major, Refinitiv, wanted to make social media go beyond just top-of-the-funnel awareness, to deliver quality leads and better conversions. Equipped with valuable thought leadership content, they decided to distribute it on LinkedIn and bring efficiency into their lead generation efforts.   

As one of the world's largest providers of financial market data and infrastructure, Refinitiv, enables more than 40,000 institutions in over 190 countries to make critical decisions using best-in-class data and cutting edge technology. They chose LinkedIn to take their story to a high-quality B2B audience.

Using Technology and Data to Deliver Quality Conversions

Carefully targeted Sponsored Content helped deliver Refinitiv’s thought leadership content to a wider, yet more relevant audience. Impactful messaging through versatile ad formats created engagement, while A/B testing allowed the team to make better decisions on the format of the content. Through videos and carousel ads, they delivered engaging images and informative statistics to interested audiences, driving them towards exploring opportunities with Refinitiv.

Higher Quality, Better Efficiency

A flexible combination of targeting criteria helped Refinitiv filter down the recipients of the message to more of the right people. They used LinkedIn’s Matched Audience feature and account based marketing (ABM), to tailor messaging and engage their prospects deeper into the marketing funnel – effectively resulting in a full-funnel strategy. Efficiencies were further driven by LinkedIn’s Led Gen Forms, which were compliant with global regulations and obtained enough information from prospective buyers, to save Refinitiv the trouble of creating their own long contact form. Moreover, data from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms was integrated with Refinitiv’s marketing automation platform, allowing the sales team to respond to leads with the right context and in a timely manner.

Sustained APAC-wide campaigns on LinkedIn using rich content formats and precision targeting delivered quality conversions as well as cost efficiencies for Refinitiv. Their effective full-funnel strategy on LinkedIn resulted in 34% higher CTR and 96% lower CPL when using Lead Gen Forms.

Refinitiv’s Social Marketing Lead for APAC, Aubrey Lin said, “Personal relationships play a vital role in the Asian business culture and 2020 continues with evolution in this space. However, unique events have brought new challenges. LinkedIn Marketing Solution’s data and technical capabilities enable the same tailored client engagement with meaningful content to reinforce current connections and establish new relationships, solving challenges.”

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