Navigating the Age of Agility in APAC: Social Proof Is the Best Proof

August 16, 2021

Illustration of New Age of Agility

Editor's Note: This is the fourth post in a five-part series that discusses key trends in tech marketing. It is based on the APAC edition of the Age of Agility, a research report that LinkedIn produced after conducting one of the world’s largest research surveys of B2B technology buying and decision-making. Country reports for Australia & New Zealand, India and Singapore are also available now. 

People want to make informed decisions before they buy anything. Whether we’re picking a new couch for our home or making a big-ticket technology purchase at work, we’ve come to expect readily available information about the product and other people’s experience with the product. 

The review economy may have its roots in the B2C world but it’s alive and well in the B2B marketplace; our research indicates that it’s positively thriving in the Age of Agility. 

Professional peer reviews are the single most effective vehicle to build awareness (40%), increase trust (51%), and increase knowledge (41%) about a new product in APAC. 

With social media and other knowledge-sharing platforms democratising the buying experience in APAC, trust and reputation is everything. Technology buyers told us that professional peer reviews (such as those by their colleagues or industry thought leaders) can influence their awareness of, trust in, and knowledge about a product. It’s worth noting that they are still swayed by advertising, which remains the third largest driver of awareness in APAC (35%), but for them to move down the funnel, they need peer validation and endorsement. Our offering may be best-in-class but buyers won’t take our word for it. In the Age of Agility, our customers are our best spokespersons.

To turn awareness into demand, tech marketers can harness social proof and galvanise end-user feedback. While many brands may check this box through case studies, much more can be done. 

We believe that leveraging social proof will become a critical component of B2B marketing for years to come, so developing a systematic approach to this now could serve us well into the future. 

As tech marketers, we can start by nurturing loyal customers into brand advocates. We already have a range of tools at our disposal, from events and thought leadership. The question is how we’ll leverage these to elevate our best customer stories. 

We can also promote community and conversation around our brand and products by sparking the virtual water cooler. With fewer in-office meetings happening organically, it’s on us to give our user base something good to talk about and create fun and appealing ways to do so. Nothing produces social proof like a thriving community of brand fans. 

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