The Water Cooler: What's Resonating with Marketers in APAC

March 15, 2020

We’re back with our second APAC edition of The Water Cooler, focusing on what has changed in the engagements of senior marketers in India, Singapore and Australia.

In order to identify the topics and posts that are resonating with marketers, we’ve used a metric called the LinkedIn Engagement Index, which is a measure of Senior Marketers’ engagement relative to the overall LinkedIn audience in each geography.  It reveals the content that marketers are particularly interested in because of their role, screening out more general content that is popular across all members.

Closure is a top priority in the minds of the marketers. Retargeting hence also becomes essential in reaching out again in the market to influence those final consumer decisions. And as the market remains mostly busy in the last quarter, marketers are looking for ways to increase their foothold in engaging with consumers. All of this is quite evident from the most popular topics from this quarter listed below.


  • Consumer Engagement
  • Retargeting
  • Lead Generation
  • Banner Ads
  • Video Advertising
  • Content Marketing

As a pattern emerges out in the way marketers are shifting their focus towards lead generation from branding, we see more marketers reaching out on LinkedIn to get more light on the topic from expert advices and discussions on the subject.

Below are some of the stories or resources around the topic of Lead Generation that the marketers most engaged with.


  1. How AI can enhance Business Lead Gen efforts by Andrej Kovačević
  2. Driving Lead Generation efforts by LinkedIn
  3. How to growth hack Youtube into a Lead Gen Machine by Darragh Grove-White
  4. Stories of 6 Lead Gen campaigns that drove Real Business results by Kelly Farrell
  5. How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn according to its Marketing VP by Caroline Forsey
  6. How to use Instagram to generate Organic Leads by Michael Stelzner
  7. LinkedIn Marketing: Underground Guide to Massive Lead Gen by Jonathan Chan
  8. Lead Generation Strategy Tackle Box by LinkedIn
  9. Five Strategies for Cost Effective Lead Gen by Brian Hardie
  10. Case Study: Lead Generation for SMM Agency by Taras Prystatsky

It’s important for marketers to not lose hold on the content so that they can reach out to people who are catching up on the stories and more importantly to continue to keep the momentum. We are sharing below three such stories around content marketing, which show that marketers have already started to prepare themselves for the challenges that lie ahead.


  1. 5 Big Content Trends for 2020 by Julia McCoy
  2. 2020 B2B Content Marketing: What the successful do by Stephanie Stahl
  3. Content Marketing Trends in 2020: Insights from 12 experts & latest research by James Tennant

While we are talking about the most popular topics, it’s also worth mentioning some of the topics with noteworthy increase in the quarter-on-quarter engagement growth for the audience, grouped by similarity of topics.


  1. Music: Music Videos, YouTube, Video Advertising
  2. Services: HubSpot, YouTube
  3. Reach: Banner Ads, Reach
  4. Seasonal: Holidays, Gifts
  5. Social Media: Facebook Marketing & Social Media
  6. Conversion: Demand Generation

This suggests that there’s a higher tendency in marketers recently to increase engagement with the consumers and to try out rich media and social channels for this purpose.

Finally, a selection of the most engaging articles on LinkedIn for marketers and communications professionals from the last quarter are listed below by country (in case you missed them!):


  1. TikTok appoints Nikhil Gandhi as India Head by Saumya Tewari
  2. UNIQLO comes to India with its signature jackets & significant investments by Suneera Tandon
  3. Actor Ayushmann Khurrana picks up stake in The Man Company by Abhishek Law
  4. Sanjay Gupta to join Google as Country Manager by Campaign India
  5. LinkedIn Top Voices 2019: India by LinkedIn


  1. Adidas: We over-invested in Digital Marketing by Sarah Vizard
  2. Leaders in 2015: Top 50 CMOs in 2019 by
  3. Qantas promotes Jo Boundy to Executive Manager of Group Brand & Marketing by Hannah Blackiston
  4. Kim Kardashian’s Uber Eats Ad is Lowkey Iconic by Mat Whitehead
  5. Canva valued at $4.7bn cementing founders status as tech billionaires by Jack Derwin


  1. Marketer of the Year: Includes Burger King, Diageo, Grab, J&J, L’Oreal & P&G Chiefs by The Drum
  2. Banyan Tree names Global Marketing VP by Farzanah Farveen
  3. Uber appoints Lucinda Barlow to lead APAC Marketing by Jill Hazelbaker
  4. The new Dot Com Bubble is here: It’s called Online Advertising by Jesse Frederik & Maurits Martijn
  5. VaynerMedia bags Gojek’s Creative SVP VJ Anand, ramps up Asia Growth Plan by Rezwana Manjur

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