L&T Technology Services Leveraged LinkedIn Campaigns to Generate a $35M Sales Pipeline

March 6, 2020

LinkedIn and L&T Technology Services

The more the world of business expands, the greater the demand for customisation. Business expansion now calls for an intensely personal and local understanding of market nuances. That’s where insights, technology and efficiency can change the game. As a company that believes in disrupting traditional ways of doing business, L&T Technology Services Limited, a leading engineering, R&D services company headquartered in India, set out to demonstrate to niche clients in newer markets how they could help.


LTTS is equipped with everything that is required to build and develop a business. What it needed was to create visibility and brand recall in traditional markets, such as North America and Europe. It was critical to create an effective mindshare among a niche audience of Directors and above across job functions and industries.


LTTS handpicked LinkedIn for its advanced targeting and filtering capabilities that enabled LTTS's marketing team to drive an insight-driven approach that impacted target groups at each stage of the funnel. LTTS started with creating awareness during phase one and disseminated industry-specific content through ABM targeting. Multiple campaigns using Sponsored Updates hit this nurtured audience in the second phase, where LTTS used LinkedIn Lead Gen forms for better engagement and delivering ROI.

LinkedIn campaigns helped build focused communities within the target audience by pushing relevant content to key accounts and initiating personalized conversations. That’s the jigsaw piece that generated weighty leads and enabled tangible business growth. – Samir Bagga, CMO, LTTS


Running lead generation campaigns on focused and nurtured audiences resulted in an engagement rate eight times the industry standard and a modest cost-per-lead of $39.93. The overall digital efforts through the two campaign phases created a sales funnel of approximately $35 million.

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