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  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Checkbox

    How to Add a Checkbox to Your Lead Gen Forms to Secure Member Permissions

    January 1, 2019

    Since launching LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms in 2017, we’ve heard from many advertisers who want more ways to secure permissions from their audience during form submission. In response to that feedback, last year we gave all advertisers the ability to add custom checkboxes to a Lead Gen Form. With a custom checkbox, you can ask people submitting a form for a range of...

  • colleagues checking out linkedin's new lead gen form auto optimization features

    Introducing 3 New LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Enhancements

    May 2, 2018

    A year ago, we set off on a mission to make it even easier for marketers to collect more leads from their LinkedIn campaigns with the introduction of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. This offering makes it easy for your audience to submit their information through forms that can be pre-filled in a couple of clicks. By adding a Lead Gen Form to their Sponsored Content or...