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  • How to Build Your Employer Brand on LinkedIn

    How to Build Your Employer Brand on LinkedIn

    April 24, 2019

    On the topic of employer branding, Srajan Mishra, CEO of TSI Apparel, said, “Employer branding impacts business success by increasing revenue. Any company/customer would like to do business with a company that has a strong employer brand. If a company is known to be fair and just to their employees, it would directly result in a greater likelihood of customers...

  • 4 Tips to Creating a Great Employer Brand Video

    August 8, 2018

    Video is everywhere you look, and there’s no denying it’s a great medium to convey a message. In fact, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. From movie trailers, to car commercials, to how-to videos, and more, companies have used video to advertise their wares for years. But what about using video...

  • Marketing sitting down with Employer Branding counterparts to discuss a partnership

    4 Tips for Forming a Partnership with Your Employer Branding Counterparts

    February 3, 2018

    The connection between a company's consumer brand (the brand a business puts forward to potential customers) and employer brand (the brand it puts forward to potential employees) is growing rapidly. Research indicates that 81% of executives anticipate a strong connection between the two brands by 2020, according to the Universum 2020 Outlook: The State of...

  • Employer Brand

    What Is Employer Brand? And Why Should Marketers Care?

    December 5, 2017

    Coke or Pepsi? I bet you can answer that question in less than a second flat. (Coke for me all the way!) Now, let me ask you another...