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    Bid Smartly: Defining Key Terms for LinkedIn Ad Auctions

    March 14, 2021

    LinkedIn uses an ad auction system to determine which ads are shown to which members. The ad auction also determines the pricing. This helps ensure that as in any true marketplace, cost meets demand to show an ad to a targeted LinkedIn member. Members, then, are also getting the most relevant experience possible while advertisers are getting the best value based...

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    New Guide for Marketers

    December 1, 2020

    The most effective LinkedIn ad campaigns are built on focused and agile bidding strategies. To help with your bidding strategy, we have created a new guide, “Best Practices for Bidding on LinkedIn.” The guide is full of useful tips to help you navigate bidding with LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager tool. When you launch a campaign on LinkedIn, all ads enter a...

  • Optimizing Bidding on LinkedIn

    7 Tips to Optimize Bidding in LinkedIn's Campaign Manager

    December 5, 2019

    Are you running an advertising campaign via LinkedIn Campaign Manager? Are you having trouble deciding between bid types? It’s always a good idea to be consistently monitoring your bidding strategies. Here are 7 tips for improving your bidding strategy to drive campaign ROI on LinkedIn Campaign Manager. 7 tips for improving your bidding strategy 1. Decide...