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  • Carnival Midway at Night

    What’s in it for Me? How to Inspire Sustainable Employee Advocacy

    August 17, 2017

    When creating an employee advocacy program, it’s tempting to load up on the gamification. It can almost become like an arcade, or a carnival midway. Step right up! Score points and claim your prize! Cover your workspace in stuffed animals and tchotchkes. Fill your wallet with gift cards! A little external motivation to get the ball rolling is okay, of course....

  • Employee Advocacy

    How to Identify and Empower Your Company’s Social Media Champions

    June 22, 2017

    As social media sites restrict organic access and filter news feeds, socially active employees can be the key to extending your brand reach. The term employee advocacy refers to a strategic, sustained program that empowers and inspires employees to share on their own networks, on the brand’s behalf. Odds are most of your employees are already active on social...