B2B Beat: 14 Educational Quotes from LinkedIn's Education Connect 2015

October 18, 2015

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LinkedIn’s Education Connect 2015, an event that examined the future of education and education marketing, took place this week in New York. The event featured speakers such as Ted Mitchell, Under Secretary of Education, U.S. Department of Education; Zoe Baird, CEO-President of Markle Foundation, and a host of leading education marketers, such as Andrew Hickey of eCornell and Christa Watson from Pearson.

The event was full of lively and insight conversation about the direction of education, how students have changed, and the many ways marketers are challenged to reach their target audience. The following 14 quotes capture the spirit of Education Connect:

“Marketing is an absolute cakewalk -- unless you’re marketing to students. Education marketing is the most complex vector you can possibly undertake.” – Rob Humphrey, Enterprise Account Executive, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

“College is worth it… there’s no question.” – Ted Mitchell, Under Secretary of Education, U.S. Department of Education

If you don’t do it, a coding bootcamp will do it.” – Zoe Baird, CEO-President, Markle Foundation, on how colleges are facing competition when it comes to teaching necessary business skills.

“You can earn revenue across the lifetime of your student, not just until they turn 22.” – Baird on how college education is stretching far beyond the traditional 18- to 22-year-old students.

“The decision process is exclusive, and it’s critical to the make it to the short list.” – Christina Jenkins, Director of Global Research, GSO Insights, LinkedIn, on how the higher education decision-making process is long, but it comes down to a few finalists early in the process.

“Decisions are very emotional. The bigger the decision, the more emotional it is.” – Jon Lombardo, Content Marketing Lead, LinkedIn

“Our content marketing mantra is stop selling and start helping.” – Alison Engel, Vice President-Global Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

“People are not buying your product and services as much as they are buying your thought leadership.” – Lombardo

“You need to have thumb-stoppingly good content.” – Lombardo on the value of strong mobile content.

“It’s scary to go outside of the lower funnel, because there isn’t that quantifiable data.” – Christa Watson, Director of Paid Search, Pearson

“It’s crucial to understand the data that you have. It’s also critical to understand the data you don’t have.” – Andrew Hickey, Director of Digital Marketing, eCornell,

“As much as we’d like to market to every individual separately, we can’t. It’s about segmenting our audience.” – Hickey

“Buy Apple stock.” – Hickey, when asked what advice he would give his freshman self.

“We want to be known when we turn out the lights as an administration that fought for the most vulnerable students in pre-K and in K-12 and in higher education. We want to be known for creating real opportunities to help students reach their dreams. A real democracy is not organized by zip code, not by race, and not by your tax form. It is organization by heart, aspiration, and talent.” – Mitchell, after being asked what he hoped his department's legacy would be.

B2B Move of the Week

Singular, a mobile marketing analytics platform, has named Patrick Mork as the company’s CMO. He was most recently global marketing director of Google Play and was previously a marketing executive at GetJar and Glu.

Resource of the Week

For more information on how students have changed and insight into how marketers can reach then, download the new eBook from LinkedIn, Connecting with Today’s Prospective Students: How Higher Education Decisions are Made in the Digital Age.

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