B2B Beat: 36 Enlightening, Entertaining and Essential Quotes From Advertising Week 2015

October 4, 2015

Hard Rock

Advertising Week, which concluded Thursday in New York City, was a wonderful mix of flash and substance. Celebrities, such as funk legend Bootsy Collins and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, made appearances. Industry legends, such as Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of WPP, and the eminently quotable Seth Godin, gave interviews.

And many smart (if lesser known) people from the industry discussed the forces that are transforming advertising and marketing. LinkedIn was there, attending scores of panels over a fast and furious four days. Here are 36 of the most enlightening, entertaining, and essential quotes that made it into our notebooks from Advertising Week 2015:

“There’s no wall behind the sky, you just got to keep reaching. The sky is not the limit.” – Bootsy Collins, CEO, Bootzilla Productions


“That’s why Google cares about driverless cars: It’s so we can search more on Google from the back seat.” – Carrie Seifer, President, MediaVestUSA

“You don’t have a job. You have a platform. Don’t wait around asking for instructions.” – Seth Godin, author of “What To When It’s Your Turn (And It’s Always Your Turn).”

“As someone once said, ‘We may be drowning in data but we’re starved for insight.’” – Artie Bulgrin, Senior Vice President, ESPN

“Data is the new currency, and it’s the medium of exchange between consumers and marketers.” – Lisa Utzschneider, Chief Revenue Officer, Yahoo

“Behind each data point is a living, breathing human.” – Shafqat Islam, CEO, NewsCred

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“The great white unicorn of attribution still eludes us.” – Jeffrey Matisoff, Regional Managing Director-East, Accuen

“Truly amazing branded content doesn’t feel like branded content. Branded needs to become as high quality as editorial.” – Anda Gansca, CEO, Knotch

“Just because you make a lot of content doesn’t mean you’ve done your job.” – Vincent Geraghty, Executive Director of Production, Leo Burnett

“Brands will be the next great producers in Hollywood. Just look at ‘The Lego Movie.’”  – Jonathan Perelman, Head of Digital, ICM Partners

“Programmatic is not all about science. It’s also about the art. Advertising has always been about art and science.” – Keith Lorizio, Senior Vice President, Rubicon Project

“One good thing about ad blocking: It’s going to make marketers and advertisers better and more creative.” – Ross Levinsohn, CEO, Guggenheim Digital Media

“We are a nation of mobile addicts.” – Yahoo's Utzschneider

“Ninety percent of millennials wake up and reach for their phones first. Eighty percent sleep with their phones.” – Seth Farbman, CMO, Spotify

“If you serve an irrelevant ad on mobile, you’re going to pay for that. And it won’t be just dollars, it will be with brand equity.” – Russ Glass, Head of Products, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

“A 17-inch screen?” – Mac Delaney, Head of Programmatic, Merkle, offering one tongue-in-cheek way to solve mobile advertising’s inherent challenges

“We’re bringing them a whole bunch of tea when they asked for coffee.” – LinkedIn's Glass, on customer experience gone wrong.

“When you show up on Amazon, you see your Amazon. When I show up on Amazon, I see my Amazon.” – LinkedIn's Glass

“Social selling is an interesting space and we are betting big on it.” – Maggie Fox, Senior Vice President, SAP

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“I think it (the marketing funnel) looks more like a pretzel than a funnel.” – NewsCred's Islam

“The problem is thinking about marketing as a cost center and not a profit center.” – Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia

“Marketing has a real seat at the revenue table, in part because of the technological advances in the marketplace.” – Penry Price, Vice President-Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

“TV (advertising) will still be a workhorse, but it’s a blind workhorse because you don’t have the granularity of measurement.” – B. Bonin Bough, Chief Media and eCommerce Officer, Mondelez International

“One in 1,000 TV impressions lead to a sale. That’s 999 that don’t.” – Babs Rangaiah, Vice President-Global Media Innovation & Ventures, Unilever

“The only way you can reach 100 million people is to make something average.” – Godin

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“Talent attracts talent.” – Amy Farley, Senior Editor, Fast Company

“I love (A/B) tests, because my music’s great.” – Grammy Award-winning music producer Alex da Kid

“The Queen. Shakespeare. David Beckham.” – Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive, WPP, on what the United States thinks of England.

“If you don’t have anything interesting to say as a brand, you’re just a product.” – Spencer Baim, Chief Strategic Officer, Vice Media

“In skate skiing, the person who leans forward the most without falling, wins. That’s what I look for in every project I do.” – Godin

“Brands are evolving from words and logos to experiences.” – Margaret Molloy, Global CMO, Siegel+Gale

“People get Harley-Davidson tattoos. They don’t get Suzuki tattoos.” – Godin

“The customer needs to be the center of gravity for your organization.” – Molloy

“Interactions (along the buyer’s journey) are episodic, not sequential.” – Marisa Kopec, Vice President, SiriusDecisions

“We underestimate the millennial mom demographic. Millennials are old. Don’t tell millennials I said that.” – Mondelez's Bough

“Artists don’t answer RFPs.” – Godin

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