B2B Beat: You Know You’re a B2B Marketer When…

April 5, 2015

Welcome back to B2B Beat, a new weekly series in which our resident B2B expert, Sean Callahan takes a close look at the most important trends and issues facing B2B marketers today. Last week, we discussed Why Digital Marketing Transformation Is Like an Iceberg. This week's post may hit close to home for those who continue to contribute to and innovate the B2B Marketing space.

If you’re a B2B marketer, this post is for you.

As a B2B marketer, you’re the kind of person who loves the complexity of the products and services you market and who thrives on the intellectual challenge of explaining the value proposition to your audience.

You’re tech savvy, and you understand how to use marketing automation software, analytics tools, and data to boost your results.

And you’re humble – you’re content to labor in the obscure world of B2B marketing, out of the spotlight that shines on consumer ad guys like Lee Clow and Sir Martin Sorrell.

So, in appreciation, this post is for you, B2B marketers.

You know you’re a B2B marketer when…

You tell your mother, again, that you don’t work for a BnB. “No, ma, it’s B2B.”

You Follow Mike Volpe and Ardath Albee on Twitter.

You explain to your friends, for the 50th time, that your company won’t run ads on the Super Bowl.

You’ve had your arguments with the sales team, but the great MQLs you’re churning out ensure that you and sales always kiss and make up.

You get excited when Plastics News arrives in your mailbox.

You know what attribution is, you can explain it, and you do it – and not any last-click attribution either, my friend.

You follow the Marketo vs. Eloqua competition like others follow Duke vs. North Carolina.

You pull your hair out because only 5% of your website visitors share their email address.

You pull the rest of your hair out because only 20% of people who’ve shared their email address actually open your emails.

When hearing the word “nurturing,” your first thought isn’t about motherhood; it’s about moving leads down the funnel.

In your job “conversions” aren’t about religion, but they’re still quite the uplifting experience.

You have made an impassioned speech about the prominent – but under-appreciated – role that B2B plays in the global economy.

You Miss BtoB Magazine. A lot.

Deep down, you acknowledge that the Markies and the B2’s are more important to you than the Oscars.

You’ve read “Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social and Content Marketing Up to 11.”

OMG! You love SEO!

You’ve been waiting for a full funnel solution that can build awareness, nurture leads beyond email, and drive revenue. (And you found it with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates & Sponsored InMail).

B2B Move of the Week:

Equifax promoted Joseph M. "Trey" Loughran to CMO. Loughran was most recently president of Equifax's North American Personal Solutions division. Previously, he held positions with BellSouth, McKinsey, and Lazard Freres. He replaces Paul Springman, who is retiring.

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