Becoming a Hybrid Marketer: Give Rise to Revenue with these Lead Generation Resources

July 7, 2015


Editor’s note: This post is part of an ongoing series in 2015 in which we provide B2B Marketers with skill set development resources that can help them advance their careers. In our last post, we compiled a list of resources to help you create and promote a podcast to connect with your audience. In this post, we provide resources that can help marketers improve their lead generation strategies.

Marketing has changed more in the past five years than it did in the previous 50. Modern marketers have a massive amount of data at their fingertips, and a dazzling array of tools to execute a data-informed content strategy. It’s the era of the hybrid marketer, a professional with a diverse skillset that includes everything from content marketing to automating drip campaigns.

Because of its direct connection to revenue, lead generation is a highly sought after skillset that, once learned, immediately makes you more valuable. The following ten resources will get you up to speed on the latest lead generation tools, tips, and techniques.

Build the Basics

If you’re new to lead generation in digital marketing, or just looking for a refresher on the basics, these resources are a good place to start. You’ll get a solid understanding of how to begin, how to succeed, and best practices to follow.

  1. An Introduction to Lead Generation HubSpot knows marketing inside and out. This eBook provides a comprehensive overview of what lead generation is, how it’s done, and how to get started.
  1. Lead Generation Best Practices This SlideShare comes from IT Management Cloud Company Kaseya. It covers online lead generation in all of its forms, including advice on how to use and repurpose content to optimize lead gen.

  1. The Four L’s of A Successful Lead Generation Strategy Build on your best practices with HubSpot’s breakdown of lead generation’s four elements: lead capture, lead magnets, landing page conversion techniques, and lead scoring.
  1. The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Lead Generation Now that you know what to do, it’s also a good idea to learn what not to do. The marketing gurus at Marketo give an in-depth look at mistakes to avoid as you build your lead generation campaigns.

Branch Out

Once you have a good grasp of the fundamentals, these resources will help you get more creative with lead generation. Learn how to take it to the next level, try new strategies, and optimize your LinkedIn marketing approach.

    1. How to Bring Your Lead Generation to the Next Level Using Simple Tools This SlideShare from the Marketizator Webinar #CROday 2015 provides a recipe for optimizing your lead generation efforts, including optimizing landing pages and using smart forms for lead capture.

  1. Inbound Marketing Hack: Long Tail SEO Lead Gen The clever critters at Savvy Panda present this advanced technique for lead generation using content created around strategic keywords.
  1. 13 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation This post from SmallBizTrends rounds up insights from members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council on getting the most out of LinkedIn’s lead generation capabilities.

Be the Best

These advanced materials can help you advance all the way to lead generation expert. Discover overlooked tactics and get graduate level -advice with these three resources.

  1. 11 Lead Generation Tactics That You’re Likely Neglecting Make sure there aren’t any holes in your lead generation strategy with this post from ProofHQ’s Marketing Manager blog. The tips range from big (offering online courses) to small and simple (using your email signature).
  1. Advanced Tactics for Content Marketing and Lead Generation with Nathan Yerian In this hour-long episode of the BrightIdeas podcast, Adhere Creative’s Director of Strategy Nathan Yerian gives real-world examples of how he uses advanced lead generation tactics to grow his business.
  1. How to Run a Blog Lead Generation Analysis HubSpot hits the mark again with this detailed post on creating a lead generation report from your blog. Find out how to calculate the impact of each individual post on your blog, rather than just the site as a whole.

The digital age has created a wealth of new opportunities for demand generation marketers. A mastery of modern tools and tactics can bring in higher-quality leads with less time and effort. With a strong understanding of lead generation, you will be well on your way to becoming a hybrid marketing superstar.

For more tips on becoming a hybrid marketer, download the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and kick your social media marketing up a notch.