Becoming a Hybrid Marketer: Master Full Funnel Marketing with These Lead Nurturing Resources

June 4, 2015


Editor’s Note: This post is part of an ongoing series in 2015 in which we provide B2B marketers with skillset development resources that can help them advance their careers. In last week’s post, we compiled a list of helpful sites for marketers looking to capitalize on emerging technological trends in the industry. In this post, we provide lead-nurturing resources to help you master full-funnel marketing.

It’s easy to focus on leads at the bottom of the sales funnel. After all, these are the people who have an existing pain point and are actively interested in pursuing a solution. Since these leads are most likely to convert in the short term, they’re a high priority for sales, which tends to make them a high priority for marketing.

A savvy hybrid marketer, though, knows that nurturing leads at all stages of the funnel produces better results over time. As buyers continue to advance further into the decision-making process before engaging with potential vendors, inbound marketing efforts fueled by content continue to distance the effectiveness gap compared to later-stage outbound tactics. In fact, research has shown that full-funnel lead nurturing generates 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% of the cost.

To help you add lead-nurturing proficiency to your skillset, we’ve rounded up a selection of knowledge hubs, articles, and long-form guides for marketers at all stages of full-funnel marketing adoption. Whether you’re just learning the basics, looking to improve existing strategies, or you’re ready to do a deep dive into advanced tactics, you will find these resources both enlightening and actionable.

The Basics

If you’re still working on defining terms and figuring out which leads are at which stage, these resources provide a good introduction to nurturing leads at every stage of the funnel.

1. Lead Nurturing Cheat Sheet The good folks at Marketo know their digital marketing strategies. This two-page PDF is a great intro to lead nurturing. It’s a brief but thorough guide, useful enough to print out and hang on the wall as a reference.

2. The Authority Guide to Lead Nurturing The team at Beachhead Marketing put together this primer, which turns the typical sales funnel upside-down to better explain the lead nurturing process.

3. HubSpot Academy: Lead Nurturing HubSpot Academy offers a full course on lead nurturing, over the course of three one-hour presentations. Their guide covers all aspects of lead nurturing for beginners, from understanding the buying process through analyzing the success of a lead nurturing campaign.


Once you have mastered the basics of full-funnel marketing, the fun begins. Now you can start to analyze what works and what doesn’t to get the most out of your lead-nurturing efforts. These four resources can help take your efforts to the next level.

4. How to Expand Your Lead Nurturing Strategy beyond Just Email HubSpot encourages marketers to “think outside of the inbox” to fully optimize their lead-nurturing strategies. This SlideShare outlines the steps you can take to create a robust multi-channel campaign across email, social media, and the web.

5. 5 Steps to Optimize Your Lead Nurturing Process: The Right Content to the Right Audience This hour-long recorded webinar features insights from Kissmetrics CEO Brian Kelly and Curata CEO Pawan Deshpande. You’re sure to get plenty of valuable advice from these two giants in the marketing automation field.

6. Designing a Winning Lead Nurturing Strategy: Lessons from the Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing Marketo’s Director of Product Marketing Michael Berger and Enterprise Field Marketing Manager Phillip Chen present this webinar from Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing series. Watch it for a detailed explanation on how to create and execute a full-funnel lead nurturing campaign.

7. Building Brand Preference with Lead Nurturing This quick read from Oracle Marketing Cloud shares how you can build a strong brand and solution preference with your prospects long before they’re actively engaged in a buying process. It also outlines three main goals you should keep in mind as you launch your lead nurturing program.


By now, you’ve enjoyed some success with your own full-funnel campaigns. You’ve mastered the art of the drip; you have integrated your campaign across multiple channels; your supplemental contact is on point. These resources can provide the little extra dose of strategy you need to truly be a lead nurturing expert.

8. Advanced Lead Nurturing Segmentation For a deep dive into segmentation, we turn once again to the sages at Marketo. This eBook covers behavioral segmentation, specialized campaigns, late-stage campaigns, and campaigns across the entire lifecycle of a lead. They even include worksheets at the back to help you begin planning your segmented campaigns.

9. 7 Advanced Lead Nurturing Tips This SlideShare from Marketing Automation Evangelist Matthew Sweezey has plenty of tips for optimizing your lead nurturing strategies. Even better, he has a section on the best ways to measure the effectiveness of a campaign.

10. Best Practices in Segmentation Act-On Software presents this whitepaper on segmentation strategies for better targeted lead nurturing, including dynamic segmentation and creating dynamic content.

The full-funnel approach to lead nurturing enables marketing and sales to shorten sales cycles and engage more qualified leads at a lower cost. With these resources, you’ll be better equipped to guide the right buyers to the right content at the right time. It’s a great example of the combination of technology and content that keeps hybrid marketers in high demand.

We would be remiss if we didn't include a resource designed for marketers at every stage of their Lead Nurturing education process: Download The Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course in Lead Nurturing to build and optimize your always-on marketing program.