Becoming a Hybrid Marketer: Purposefully Connecting with Podcasting

June 29, 2015


Editor’s Note: This post is part of an ongoing series in 2015 in which we provide skillset development resources that can help B2B marketers advance their careers. In our last post, we compiled resources to help you implement and optimize pay per click (PPC) campaigns. In this post, we provide resources to help you create and promote a podcast to connect with your audience.

A forward-looking hybrid marketer keeps up with emerging content marketing trends. But if you didn’t see the podcast boom coming, you can be forgiven. Podcasting (short for Personal on Demand broadcasting) isn’t a new technology; it started more than a decade ago. Podcasts were briefly the next big thing in the mid-2000s, then fizzled without the infrastructure and equipment needed to make listening easy for audiences.

Fast forward to 2015, and podcasting is finally having its moment. Everyone is hosting their own show for fun and profit, from comedians to filmmakers to marketers. In fact, we recently launched our own podcast series entitled The Sophisticated Marketer's Podcast, with special guests ranging from Mike Volpe, CMO, Hubspot to John Mescall, Global Executive Creative Director, McCann Worldgroup.

A compelling, professional-sounding podcast can be a great asset for any content marketing plan. Your audience can’t read a blog post or whitepaper while they’re jogging or driving a car (and we sincerely hope they don’t try), but they can listen to your content. And a podcast listener tends to spend far more time with your content than a visitor to your web page.

The following ten resources, from inspiring examples to tools and how-to guides, will help you dive into the world of podcasting.

Get Inspired

One of the best ways you can learn how to make a great podcast is to listen to outstanding examples. These posts feature podcasts worth adding to your subscription list.

  1. Treat Your Ears to 19 of the Best Marketing Podcasts Inbound Marketing Agency Nectafy produced this roundup of podcasts from some of the brightest minds in the marketing world. Their list is ordered by number of episodes available, so you can choose whether you want to get in on the ground floor of a new podcast, or dive deep into one with a huge archive.
  1. Why Digital Marketing Podcasts Belong in Your Learning Routine If you’re still on the fence about listening to podcasts, let TopRank’s Ashley Zeckman persuade you. Her article shows where podcasts fit in your daily routine, and includes a list of marketing podcasts to get you started.

Build a Business Case

Podcasting is fun – pure and simple. If you are considering your podcast a business asset, though, fun isn’t enough. You will also need to consider what you want the podcast to achieve, and how you will achieve it. These resources can help.

  1. Proof that Podcasting Will Benefit Your Business This article from freelancer Louise Julig chronicles the astounding success of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast, and the very real ways it helped Pat grow his business. Great tactics for you to borrow are woven throughout this story of success.
  1. Should Your Marketing Have a Podcast? SHIFT Communications Marketing Technology VP Christopher Penn starts his How to Market Your Podcast series with the titular question, then explores the factors that might make podcasting a good strategy for your business. This introductory post will help you decide whether to proceed, and the rest of the posts in the series will get you started on your way.

Produce Your Podcast

You’ve listened to some examples of great podcasts, and you have made a solid business case for starting your own. These resources get down to the nuts and bolts of actually recording, editing, and producing your podcast.

  1. Podcasting 101 Guide: How to Make a Podcast Buzzsprout’s beginner’s guide goes into detail on every aspect of starting a podcast, from big-picture stuff like potential audience share to the optimal distance between your mouth and the microphone.
  1. The Definitive Guide to Setting Up and Marketing a Podcast to Help Grow Your Blog Bestselling author and Virtual CEO of the Live2Sell Group Chris Ducker shares the secrets to his podcasting success in this article for ProBlogger. He starts with a solid business rationale for podcasting and segues into detailed tips on setting up, recording, and posting your creation.
  1. How to Produce a Podcast Digital marketing titan Jay Baer takes a different tack than the other guides in this section. He shares his strategy for producing a professionally-recorded podcast with multiple remote guests, including a guide to repurposing podcast content for other media.

Connect with Your Audience

As with other content marketing channels, it’s not enough to record a podcast, upload it, and wait for your audience to roll in. The following resources address the challenges and opportunities unique to marketing your podcast.

  1. 11 Clever Ways to Promote Your Podcast to the World PR Expert Joan Stewart goes beyond the marketing outreach norm with these off-beat strategies. From Amazon to Pinterest, she recommends opportunities for podcast promotion you might have missed.
  1. 8 Unique Marketing Strategies to Grow a Podcast to the Top of iTunes Life-LongLearner founder Scott Britton has a podcast with over 5,000 subscribed listeners. See how he built his audience with this article full of tips and strategies.
  1. Why Podcast Promotion is the Fastest Way to Build an Audience This guide to “podcast growth hacking” comes from Buzzsprout Community Manager Darren DeMatas. Learn how to drive traffic to your podcast without a huge marketing budget, and how to analyze the effectiveness of your promotion efforts.

After 10 years of slow growth, podcasts are finally the next big thing. With these resources and your creativity, you can develop a podcast that connects with your audience in a unique and personal way. Podcasting marries the warmth and personality of old-school radio with the cutting edge of digital distribution. It’s the perfect medium for the technological mind and creative soul of today’s hybrid marketer.

For more hybrid marketing inspiration, download Creating Your First Big Rock: A Step by Step Guide for Marquee Content.