Building Your Brand on LinkedIn: A Blueprint for Thought Leadership Success [Infographic]

March 18, 2015

building your brand on LinkedIn

Building your brand is a labor of love. So it only makes sense that building thought leadership in your industry requires the same planning and investment as building a new house. Just like a house has to have a solid foundation, so too does your thought leadership strategy

Next, it’s time to draw up the plan that takes your strategy from an unclaimed plot in the forest to a feature in Home & Garden's best.

The infographic below outlines eight different action items for establishing thought leadership and how you can use the LinkedIn platform to reach your goals including how to:

    • Explore what types of concrete (or content) can help you build the foundation of your Company Page
    • Install insulation suited for different audience needs with Showcase Pages
    • Finish mechanical trims and spark topic ideas for long-form content on the LinkedIn Publisher Platform
    • Conduct a final walk-through by building credibility with your participation in LinkedIn Groups

Ready to build your strategy for thought leadership success, brick by brick? We've drawn up your blueprint - time to put on your hard hat and get started!

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