B2B Beat: One Agency's Shift from Search to Social Advertising

December 13, 2015

Marketing Mojo is an agency based in Charlottesville, Va. The firm handles many B2B clients, such as Lexis-Nexis and Petrochem International. In the past, Marketing Mojo steered these clients to search advertising, but recently the agency has moved their clients’ spending to social advertising.

Marketing Mojo outlined the rationale for this change in its recently issued report, “LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report, Q3 2015.” “Over the past two years, we have shifted our enterprise B2B clients’ advertising budgets from search advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads to LinkedIn Ads based on its ability to deliver qualified B2B marketing leads for our clients at relatively low conversion costs,” Marketing Mojo explained.

Seventy-nine percent of B2B marketers say that LinkedIn is an effective lead generation platform compared with just 22 percent who found Facebook effective, according to a Technology Marketing survey. In its own report, Marketing Mojo identified some key areas where LinkedIn advertising excelled:

Lead generation. Marketing Mojo finds LinkedIn particularly effective when used an advertising platform to generate leads with ebooks and white papers. The agency found that LinkedIn advertising delivered “a much higher conversion rate, lower cost per conversion and stronger lead quality than any other online advertising platform for enterprise-level B2B markets.”

Conversion rates. In addition to paying its “lowest-ever CPC for [Sponsored Updates], Marketing Mojo said, “We also delivered conversion rates for our clients at near 10 percent and all-time record low costs per conversion.” The report added that Sponsored Updates “on LinkedIn in Q3 were the bargain of the year for B2B marketers.”

Mobile conversion rates. Marketing Mojo finds that the majority of LinkedIn ad impression occur on mobile devices. The agency said mobile conversion rates for its clients improved by 60 percent in the third quarter to “its highest-ever level.” The secret, Marketing Mojo said, was in changing its mobile landing pages. In the report, Marketing Mojo recounted, “In a mobile landing page experiment, we added this very explicit (and, frankly, a little wordy) explanation (above) that users would get an email with a link to a white paper that they could look at any time on the device of their choice. The results were a staggering 152% improvement over the mobile landing page that didn’t include the language.”

Targeting business audiences. Marketing Mojo wrote in its report, “LinkedIn Ads have unparalleled ad targeting options that no other online advertising platform has.” The agency says its most effective technique is targeting by Job Function, such as administrative, engineering, marketing, or operations.

The eight-page report gives a full accounting of Marketing Mojo’s use of LinkedIn Ads. You can download “LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report, Q3 2015,” here.

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