17 Quotes That Defined SiriusDecisions 2016 Summit

May 29, 2016

Three thousand marketers traveled to Nashville May 24-27 for the SiriusDecisions 2016 Summit, which covered all of the burning issues disrupting the marketing world: content marketing, account-based marketing, sales and marketing alignment, the rise of online video, and the increasing importance of customer experience and customer-centricity.

Here are 17 quotes from the SiriusDecisions Summit that get to the heart of the conference’s message to marketers: Keeping pace with digital disruption requires constant vigilance.

"Content is the atomic particle of all marketing." — Tom McConnon, Senior Product and Content Marketing Manager, Domo

"To avoid disruption, you must become the disruptor yourself." —Taylor Stockwell, President, GrowPros.co  

It's all about marketing the right messages to the right audience at the right time. — Cara Tabatchnick, Global Digital Strategy Director, AIG Insurance 

"Think global, engage local. Do what's needed to help internal teams succeed and form a community in-person and online." — Bill Hamilton, Senior Director Product Marketing, Microsoft

“No one comes to a restaurant today because they’re hungry, especially for dinner. They come to a restaurant because they want an experience.” — Marcus Samuelsson, Chef-Owner, Red Rooster Harlem

"Seventy-nine percent of buyers said that content was extremely or very influential in the purchase decision." — Christine Polewarczyk, Research Director, Strategic Communications Management, SiriusDecisions

The thing about unfindable content is it's not going to be used. — Ross Graber, Senior Research Director, SiriusDecisions 

"Ninety percent of new products fail. Ninety percent of start-ups fail. Ninety percent of B2B marketing departments are not fully integrated into their company's product development cycle." — Gary Singh, Vice President of Sales, Zebra Technologies

"The issue is we as marketers are not putting enough resources behind creating sales presentations. We don't think about sales presentations in the same way we think about creating whitepapers or blog posts or videos." — Christina McKeon, Service Director, Portfolio Marketing, SiriusDecisions  

"Seventy-two percent of B2B buyers watch video throughout their entire path to purchase and yet less than 10 percent of B2B marketers are using it." — Linda West, Director of Digital Marketing, Act-On Software, Inc. 

The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web. —Jesse Ariss, Product Marketing Manager, Vidyard 

"Account-based marketing is RAD: Retention, Acquisition & Development." — Matt Senatore, Service Director-Account-Based Marketing, SiriusDecisions

Customer marketing and customer success are the new B2B power couple. — Bob Peterson, Research Director, Account-Based Marketing, SiriusDecisions 

"Everyone in marketing is busy, but are we busy doing the right things?" — Marcia Trask, Research Director, SiriusDecisions 

"Eighty percent of B2B  decision drivers are based on customer experience, and yet it is often ignored." — Jen Horton, Senior Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies, SiriusDecisions 

"Ninety percent of the ocean is unexplored. This is about the same amount of unknown insights we have about our customers." — Megan Heuer, Vice President, Research, SiriusDecisions 

"The competencies that made you successful today will probably not be all of the competencies you need in order to succeed tomorrow." — Tony Jaros, Executive Vice President, Chief Research and Product Officer, SiriusDecisions 

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