22 Illuminating Quotes from MarketingProfs 2016 B2B Forum

October 23, 2016

MarketingProfs B2B Forum celebrated its 10th anniversary from Oct. 18-21 with keynotes from Andrew Davis, Michael Wesch, Sarah Lewis, and others that examined the sweeping trends that are transforming society — as well as changing the business of marketing. These addresses were supplemented by sessions where B2B marketing experts delved into the details and provided tactical advice to leverage the change that's all around us.

The B2B Beat traveled to Boston to experience this event, and we culled some of the most memorable quotes from the sessions to share some of the insight and inspiration from MarketingProfs 2016 B2B Forum:

"Stop interrupting what people love and become what they love." — Patricia Travaline, CMO, Skyword

"When the media change, we change." — Michael Wesch, Professor, Kansas State University

"We hire for values first and skills second." — Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing 

WWDVD — What would DaVinci do? — Ann Handley, Chief Creative Officer, MarketingProfs

"Stop chasing the next big thing and do your job better." — Chris Moody, Content Marketing Leader, GE Digital

"If you focus on your customer’s pain point, you’re showing true empathy." — Tim Washer, Creative Director, Cisco Systems

In our obsession to change people's minds, we forget to appeal to people's guts. — Doug Kessler, Creative Director, Velocity Partners

"Sales aren’t our customer, customers are our customer." — Carlos Hidalgo, CEO, Annuitas

"People who move to action tend to be kind of rare in the world." — John Maeda, Global Head, Computational Design, Automattic

"The buyer journey doesn't start with your product; it starts with a prospect's question." — Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

Buy ads for the right kind of content that has already proven it has legs. — Andrew Davis, Founder, Monumental Shift

"Don’t gate video (in the top of the funnel). It 100 percent does not work." — Jason Miller, Group Manager, Global Content and Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn

"Investing in content is like investing in a 401k. It delivers returns like compound interest." —Brenner 

As marketers we sometimes undervalue what we do. — Jim Beretta, CEO, Customer Attraction

"Your product demo video should work with the sound turned off." — Kessler

"Behind every piece of bad content is an executive who asked for it." — Brenner

Stop vomiting your content on every channel. — Davis

"Marketers don’t need to be who we aren’t." — Handley

"That’s the thing about comedy. Not everyone is going to like it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea." — Washer

“Our marketing is not defined by the heights of our peaks (on Google Analtyics) but by the depth of our valleys.” — Davis

"The only way to grow your TAM (Total Addressable Market) is to know people outside of your TAM. That's why inclusion is so important." — Maeda

I like overkill. — Miller

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Photo: MarketingProfs