A Cross-Section of 26 Quotes Capturing the Crossfire at Advertising Week New York [B2B Beat]

October 2, 2016

The B2B Beat was at Advertising Week New York, and by the end of the week we imagined there was a big dividing line drawn right through the middle of Times Square. On one side of that line were sessions on programmatic, data, and native advertising examining technology’s impact on the marketing sector. On the other side were sessions celebrating the creative part of the business and how creatives can protect their ideas from all the data wolves in wearables clothing.

But the truth is, this battle between numbers and creativity didn’t start with the advent of the Internet and digital technology. In advertising, a battle for primacy has always raged between the numbers-driven media-buying team and the creative department. It’s just that the terminology is different now: dayparts and ratings points have yielded to programmatic and analytics, which are now duking it out with concepts from the copywriters and designers.

But this argument and this tension will never be fully resolved, simply because it’s hard to measure the persuasive impact of an idea on the human heart, even with every gigabyte of data in the world at your disposal.

Here are 26 quotes from Advertising Week that encapsulated this tension between numbers and ideas:

“People can be taught these digital skills. The thing you can’t teach is the creativity.” — Jeanie Caggiano, EVP/Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett

Mobile is already where the attention is. In Times Square, we’ve got ten thousand ads all over the place, and what are people doing? They’re looking at their phones. — Eric Franchi, Co-Founder, Undertone

 "You can interrupt some of the people some of the time, but you can't interrupt all of the people all of the time." — Dan Greenberg, CEO, Sharethrough

"70% of the impact of a campaign is driven by the creative. You can target them, but if you show them the wrong thing, you're wasting an opportunity."  — Karin Hennessy, Product Manager, DoubleClick

“I would say we’re in the third inning of programmatic.” — Mark Zagorski, CEO, Exelate

There is $75 billion still being spend on television when no meaningful data is attached to it.— Scott Howe, President-CEO, Acxiom

 “A/B test everything and you will become increasingly relevant to customers.” — Russ Glass, VP-Product, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

 “Changing big company culture is like trying to turn around the Titanic. Think of it as loads of little boats. You don’t need to turn around lots of little boats. That’s a lot easy to wrap your arms around because that’s how it happens.” — Meredith Ferguson, Managing Director, TMI Strategy

The way you should judge modern communications is not with your head but with your heart. — Jerry Judge, Partner, The Fearless Group

“You can’t be a publisher today if you not a technology company.” — Marta Martinez, SVP, AOL Advertising

“Everything had the possibility of being terrible if you don’t know how to protect the idea.” — John Mescall, Global Creative Executive Director, McCann Group

Providing value at agencies: It shouldn’t be about what you bill but what you build. — Geoffrey Colon, Communications Designer, Microsoft

“Companies are handling disruption by using experimentation as a business model not as a temporary way to deal with episodic disruption.” — Ben Clarke, President, The Shipyard

“I’ll take B talent and A culture (from a potential employee) over A talent and B culture any day.” — Tim Castelli, President, National Sales, Marketing & Partnerships, iHeartMedia

 “Every piece of data shows that native ads have higher engagement, higher performance than traditional digital ads.” — Tod Sacerdoti, EVP, Display and Video Ad Products, Yahoo

 We’re moving beyond fragmentation of media channels. We’re now seeing fragmentation of the consumer experience. — Matt Witt, EVP-Director of Brand Experiences, Trisect Agency

“As an industry, we’ve overbuilt and over-engineered the marketing technology stack. Re-evaluate your ad tech stack and see if it’s as simple as possible.” — Oleg Korenfeld, EVP, Ad Technology and Platforms, Mediavest | Spark

“Those who tell the stories rule the world. Those who control the narrative have the power in their organizations.” — Jennifer Zeszut, CEO, Beckon

Creativity is truly at a premium today and should be a the core of everything we do. — Jerry Wind, Academic Director, The Wharton Fellows Program

“Mixing data and creative can be like boys and girls at a middle school dance. If you don’t it well, it’s awkward.” — Ryan Joe, Managing Editor, AdExchanger

“As a business leader, you’re often evaluated by your lowest moment.” — Anne Finucane, Vice Chairman, Bank of America

Podcasting is so powerful, because it’s a lean-forward medium. People are option in over and over. — Sarah van Mosel, Chief Commercial Officer, Acast

“In the next couple of year, 80 percent of all mobile content will be video.” — Ian Newfeld, Managing Director, Head of North American Sales, VertaMedia

“Everyone presumes B2B buyers to be far more rational. It’s actually a lot more emotional.” — Patrick O’Hara, Global Chief Strategy Officer, gyro

“We need agencies. The creative people they can afford to house, we can’t really do that in corporate America. So it’s a symbiotic relationship.” — Patti Ziegler, Chief Digital Marketing Services Officer, Scotts Miracle Gro

 There will be a really big screen (in your self-driving car). What is going to happen on that screen? Someone is going to put ads on that screen. — Tim Cadogan, CEO, OpenX

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