B2B Beat: LinkedIn Leads All Social Networks in a Key eCommerce Metric – Average Order Value

February 21, 2016

B2C ecommerce – with Amazon as the most prominent example – grabs most of the headlines. But B2B ecommerce is growing quickly. B2B ecommerce will reach $1.1 trillion by the end of the decade on compound annual growth rate of 7.7 percent, according to Forrester Research.

Social commerce helps drive this upward trend. Again, consumer-oriented social media networks get most of the attention. But professional network LinkedIn is a leader in a key statistic – average order value – according to AddShoppers, a social sharing platform designed for online retailers. 

AddShoppers has analyzed more than $158.4 million in ecommerce spending, and as the chart below shows, LinkedIn surpasses any other social media outlet in driving average order value. According to AddShopper’s statistics, the average order value influenced by LinkedIn is $211.80. That’s almost $20 ahead of the closest social media network, StumbleUpon at $194.14. Placing third is Twitter at $159.37.

AddShopper also tracks average order value in a number of specific product categories, and LinkedIn dominates in some arenas you might expect. For instance, LinkedIn leads in the office supplies category with a $495.53 average order value, trailed by Polyvore ($306.50) and Google-Plus ($220.84). LinkedIn also dominates in the travel sector with an average order value of $1,295.00; it is trailed by StumbleUpon ($933.50) and Wanelo ($341.00).

You might be surprised, however, at some of the other categories where LinkedIn leads in average order value: toys and games ($2,296.45), home and garden ($487.56), and entertainment and media ($172.96). LinkedIn is also near the top in apparel and clothing with a $324.49 average order value, trailing only StumbleUpon ($341.06).

For many B2B marketers, LinkedIn is a first thought for reaching B2B buyers. It’s the network where they can reach professionals. But professionals are people, too, and marketers, as AddShoppers’ data indicates, can reach these professionals when they’re looking to buy consumer goods, too. When it comes to LinkedIn, order value, and ecommerce, marketers should also think B2P – business to professional and business to people.

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Photo: Jorge Franganillo