10 Quotes That Defined SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit

May 21, 2017

SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit concluded Friday after four days of discussion that revolved around digital transformation. The Summit’s presentations, which included a keynote from the folk singer Jewel, covered the trends that are rapidly changing the marketing world — from content and data-driven marketing to sales and marketing alignment and account-based marketing.

At the Summit, SiriusDecisions itself kept in step the industry’s transformation with the unveiling of a new Demand Unit Waterfall, which was an acknowledgement of how technology had changed the buyer’s journey and made sales and marketing alignment more crucial than ever.

Read on for 10 quotes that get to the heart of the message of change that dominated the Summit.

Salespeople don’t care how many Twitter followers you have. They care if you help them close a deal. — Nick Panayi, VP, Brand, Demand & Digital Marketing, DXC Technology

“Gone are the days just handing over leads to sales. Marketing plays a role every step of the way.” — Andrea Soltsyiak, Global Head of Demand Management Operations, SAP

Music was my marketing arm, my advertising arm, that told people that was what I stood for. — Jewel

“We threw out 64% of our content, because it wasn’t being used. It was just talking about ourselves.” — Cameron van Orman, SVP-Product & Solution Marketing, CA Technologies

"I think data is incredibly sexy. I don’t know what that says about me." — Carrie Palin, SVP-CMO, Box

Transformation is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. And it takes time to transform. — John Neeson, Managing Director, SiriusDecisions

“I was told in marketing there would be no math.” —  Phyllis Davidson, Research Director, SiriusDecisions

“ABM is not a campaign. It’s a commitment to a set of accounts and investing in those accounts over time.” — Alisa Groocock, Research Director, SiriusDecisions

ABM isn’t something that’s just for large companies. — Dorothea Gosling, Global Head, ABM & Pursuit Marketing, DXC Technology

“We’ve long believed that revenue generation is a team game.” — Phil Harrell, Advisor to Chief Sales Officers, SiriusDecisions

The talk on and off stage at the SiriusDecisions Summit made it clearer than ever that marketing and sales must work together by collaborating on technologies, metrics, content, account-based marketing and other approaches to embrace alignment. To read more about the benefits of sales-marketing alignment, download The Payoffs of Improved Sales and Marketing Alignment today.