Announcing the Latest LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly: Q2 2017

What Professionals Are Reading on LinkedIn

August 17, 2017

Welcome to the second edition of the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly. This report uses LinkedIn data to examine the kinds of content LinkedIn members are engaging with on the platform, including the types of articles a particular audience is interacting with. This quarter, we took a look at the articles and topics that caught the interest of small business owners (SBOs). And finally, we dove into one of today’s hottest topics — “virtual reality”— to gauge what articles about the topic are capturing LinkedIn members’ attention. (View last quarter’s report).

Top Topics*

The topic of Retail made the top 10 in the second quarter, most likely due to a combination of a retail slump gathering steam and Amazon’s headline-grabbing acquisition of Whole Foods. Also on this list of top topics were on two holdovers from the first quarter: Sales and Recruiting. That’s because revenue and talent never go out of style. Neither do Leadership and Management, which held down the top two spots the “Top Topics” list.

  1. Leadership
  2. Management
  3. Business
  4. Sales
  5. Start-Ups
  6. Interviewing
  7. Finance
  8. Marketing
  9. Retail
  10. Recruiting

Top Growth Topics**

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods also appeared to impact our top growth topics, with “Grocery Industry” landing in the top spot. Talent was also a key growth topic, with the topics of “Behavioral Interviewing,” “Attrition,” and “Team Spirit” landing in the top five. Launching new businesses also seemed to be increasingly on the mind of LinkedIn members, with “Early-Stage Start-Ups” and “Capital Raising” ranking high on this list. Glib, a coding language, and Cortex, a content podcast, also cracked the top 10.    

  1. Grocery Industry
  2. Behavioral Interviewing
  3. Attrition
  4. Team Spirit
  5. Early-Stage Start-Ups
  6. Glib
  7. Cortex
  8. Capital Raising
  9. Working Abroad
  10. Stamp Duty

Top Articles***

Sales is the lifeblood of business. Last quarter, the top article on LinkedIn was a sales-oriented post: “The Best Answer I’ve Ever Heard to ‘Sell Me This Pen’” by Dailius R. Wilson. This quarter, topping the list was a similar article: “Best Answer to ‘Sell Me This Pen’ I Have Ever Seen” by Girish Amanapu. The lesson? Offering insight into sales is a solid way to get engagement on LinkedIn. So is offering insight into success, employee retention, management, and leadership.   

  1. Best Answer to “Sell Me This Pen” I Have Ever Seen — Girish Amanapu
  2. 16 Things Your Successful Friends Have Given Up — Tim Denning
  3. Loyal Employees Are Worth Much More Than Their Weight in Gold — Oleg Vishnepolsky
  4. Never Trust a Manager Who Does These Five Things — Liz Ryan
  5. Elon Musk Sent an Extraordinary Email to Employees — and Taught a Major Lesson in Leadership — Justin Bariso

Audience of the Quarter: Top Topics That Engage Small Business Owners

This year, tax day in the United States was on April 18, so it’s no surprise that the IRS grabbed the top spot on this list of top topics that engaged small businesses owners on LinkedIn in the second quarter. SBOs also appeared to turn their attention to launching new businesses with “LLC” and “Start-Up Ventures” landing in the top three on this list. Health insurance also seemed to be on the minds of small business owners — with Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, and Medicaid landing on this list.

  1. IRS
  2. LLC
  3. Start-Up Ventures
  4. Web Marketing
  5. Medicare
  6. Attorneys
  7. Angel Investing
  8. Affordable Care Act
  9. Venture Capital
  10. Medicaid

Audience of the Quarter: Top Articles That Engage SBOs

LinkedIn’s data indicates that small business owners engaged with articles on the platform that showed them how to make their businesses stronger. The top articles that engaged small business owners on LinkedIn included advice on leadership, productivity, career management, reaching millennials, and venture capital funding. The content that small business owners were engaging with, more often than not, came from businesses rather than from individuals.

  1. Are You Sabotaging Your Career by Being Perceived as a Doer and Not a Leader? — Comcast Business
  2. What It Takes to Get Funded by a Tier 1 VC Firm in the Valley — Bryant Hayward
  3. VC Nation: The Most Active Tech Venture Capital Firm in Each US State — CBInsights
  4. What Does It Take to Achieve Quality — Athena Health
  5. Find a Supplier — Gov.UK
  6. With $25 Million From Sequoia, Greylock, Crew Wants To Be The Slack For Truly Mobile Workers — Miguel Helft
  7. Ben Casnocha and Erik Torenberg Are Raising a $50M Investment Fund — Ryan Lawler
  8. Walmart's e-Commerce Binge is One Big Silicon Valley Bailout — Jake Anderson-Bialis
  9. With Daughter at Side, Manny Medina Launches His Next Tech Venture in S. Fla. — Debora Lima
  10. Understanding the Real Millennials: Facts and Figures — USPS Delivers

Topic of the Quarter: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality inspired some fascinating articles on LinkedIn that explore how VR is already changing business and may even change the way we perceive reality. The top article examined how virtual reality is beginning to alter the practice of medicine. Virgin Holidays shared how it’s using VR in marketing and IKEA is using it to give customer experience a new look. And Mindshare’s Norm Johnston dove deep into the philosophical implications of virtual reality.    

  1. Virtual Reality Used in Clinical Practice — Bertalan Mesko
  2. Google brings “Hamilton” Experiences to Students in the Theater and Virtual Reality — Lucas Matney
  3. Déjà vu: Are We All Actually Living in Virtual Reality? — Norm Johnston
  4. How Virgin Holidays Is Using Virtual Reality to Boost Sales — Natalie Clarkson
  5. IKEA Uses Virtual Reality Technology to Give Shoppers a New Experience — Izza Sofia

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*Top Topics: These are the topics that have the most engagement on the LinkedIn platform; engagement is defined as any of the following actions: click, like, share, comment.

**Top Growth Topics are the tagged content topics that have shown the largest increase in quarter over quarter engagement.

***Top Articles are ranked by total number of engagements (click, like, share, comment) with that article in the quarter.