B2B Beat: The Poetry of Content Marketing

September 24, 2017

haiku content marketing

There’s a certain poetry in the best content marketing. It has rhythm and a meaning that somehow stretches beyond the mere words. So if that’s true, we thought why not create content marketing that actually is poetry?

Why not, indeed?

National Poetry Day takes place in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Thursday, September 28. In honor of that day, we took some key marketing trends that are close to our heart — the increasing importance of the CMO in the broader organization, the rise of account-based marketing, and the power of online video — and wrote some Haiku poems about these concepts.

With apologies to Haiku masters such as Matsuo Basho, who wrote this brilliant work — An ancient pond/The frog jumps in/A splash of water — our results are below:

* * * 

As CMOs learn,

They gather all the right skills

To be CEOs.

* * * 

ABM makes peace,

Bringing sales and marketing

Together today.

* * * 

What is the future

of B2B marketing?

It’s your audience.

* * * 

Video is the

King of marketing media.

We don’t tell, we show.

* * *

Content marketing

Is the only marketing left.

Seth Godin said it.

* * * 

Phone in their fingers,

It is how we market now.

Their eyes on the screen.

* * * 

As you surf the Web,

Your digital path tells all.

The ad’s on target.

* * * 

Hybrid marketers:

Master search, social, email,

Data, and content.

* * * 

On LinkedIn you can

Target using accurate

Data — always on.

* * * 

A question: What is

not on your LinkedIn profile?

That I write haikus.


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Photo: Yoshikazu Takada