B2B Dinner for Five – The Bonus Outtakes You Don’t Want to Miss

The strangest moments from our B2B Dinner for Five filming

June 10, 2017

This post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA blog.

They’re the moments that were too embarrassing, too honest, too darn surreal to make it into the final cut of the B2B Dinner for Five films that we released on our blog last week. Watching them back in the edit suite though, we felt nobody should miss out on hearing about the strangest music blog ever conceived (courtesy of Adobe’s Marketing Director John Watton), Doug Kessler’s bizarre habit of inventing new body parts, and the single worst content idea I’ve ever come up with.

Welcome to the B2B Dinner for Five outtakes!

Let’s start with a story of a man on a mission – a lone individual shocked to hear that something like 90% of the tracks on Spotify have never been played; a man determined to change all of that and rescue forgotten musicians from the stigma of never being listened to. That man is John Watton – and his music blog, on which he spent a full year writing daily reviews of completely obscure and forgotten tracks, is one of the most inspiring doomed creative ideas I’ve ever heard of.

We spent quite a bit of time during the filming of B2B Dinner for Five trying to convince John that he’d been touched by genius – that his idea of a serendipity index to capture how well each random tracked fitted with his mood that day, was actually inspired. He wasn’t buying it. The problem was that writing daily reviews of music tracks nobody has ever heard of (often with good reason) is a lot of hard work – and by the end of the year he hated it. Click on the link below to hear him explain the idea. It’s actually one I’m determined to steal.

Those weren’t the only strange moments that we captured during the B2B Dinner for Five filming. From body parts you’ve never heard of to very bad synchronised clapping and some extremely strange accents, the clip below has all our other best outtakes.

I hope you've been enjoying our first episode of B2B Dinner for Five as much as we enjoyed making it. We’ve had a great reaction to the show – and so it looks very likely there will be more episodes in the pipeline. Watch this space for further announcements!

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