LinkedIn Presents the Future: Content Marketing Edition (Video)

December 17, 2017

Content Marketing Future

Editor’s Note: The post introduces the latest LinkedIn Presents the Future video, which examines what's next for content marketing. The three previous videos in the series can viewed here.

Famously — and correctly — Seth Godin said, “Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.”

That was in 2008.

With that quote from almost a decade ago, Godin essentially predicted the future we’re living in now, where entertaining content that educates has become the premiere form of marketing. But where is content marketing headed next?

In the latest video in our LinkedIn Presents the Future series, "LinkedIn Presents the Future: Content Marketing Edition," some of the most interesting thinkers in content marketing shared their perspectives on where the discipline is headed next.

Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, said B2B marketers have moved forward to understanding just how valuable the audiences they are building with their content:

I think B2B companies are finally understanding that if they build a large and trusted audience, they can not only sell more product and services, but there’s revenue opportunities that they never saw possible. — Pulizzi

Heather Sparks, VP Content and Partnerships, Blue 449, said technology will continue to transform content marketing.

Video changed the game for social a couple of years ago, and I think what will continue to see in content marketing is this idea innovation and technology changing the way is that we can connect with people. — Sparks

Doug Kessler, Creative Director, Velocity Partners, predicted that content marketing will accelerate its move toward more interactive formats.

So, for me content marketing is moving from some of the old formats that are all about the Gutenberg's Legacy of, you know, e-books, and basically, it was print on the screen moving to much more involving, interactive and data gathering kind of content experiences. — Kessler

Watch the video, "LinkedIn Presents the Future: Content Marketing Edition," to gain additional insights about content marketing’s future from thought leaders such as:

  • Jay Acunzo, Host, “Unthinkable” Podcast
  • Bernie Borges, CMO, Vengresso
  • Ian Cleary, Founder, RazorSocial
  • Jeremy Katz, Worldwide Editorial Director, Ogilvy & Mather
  • Michael Miraflor, SVP Global Head of Futures & Innovation, Blue 449
  • Sean Muzzy, Chief Product and Platform Officer, Neo Worldwide
  • Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Marketing
  • Mark Schaefer, Executive Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions
  • Tim Washer, Chief Creative Officer, Ridiculous Media

LinkedIn Presents the Future: Content Marketing Edition

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