Listen to Your Mother

LinkedIn Employees Share The Best Advice Their Mothers Ever Gave Them

May 14, 2017

Listen to your mother: That’s good advice (especially on Mother’s Day). Mothers are full of wisdom, and the more mothers and the more wisdom, the better. From our colleagues at LinkedIn, we have crowdsourced useful advice — both in word and deed — that their mothers have shared with them over the years.   

Read on to celebrate Mother’s Day with a valuable collection of great advice from the mothers of LinkedIn employees.

Michelle Blondin, Marketing Manager, Demand Generation

“Do what lights you up, sweetheart.” — Dorothy Berger (grandmother)

Shirley Chan, Copywriter and Content Producer

"Help people whenever you can. It adds to you when you can add to others." — Wendy Chan

Brittany Curtis, Agency Relationship Manager

My mom (Debra Baum) always said, “If you're going to do something — do it right.” As I grew up I applied this to my study habits, school work, and my after-school activities. Today, in a professional sense, I apply this everyday as I strive to focus on one major goal and do it right! I’d much rather fully take care of, or accomplish, one thing well than spread myself thin across 10 tasks and do all of them below average. I'm lucky that LinkedIn shares my mom's outlook and is always encouraging us to prioritize and focus. Thanks Mom!

Joel Frazier, Enterprise Account Executive

When I went away to college my mother, Roberta Frazier, told me to embrace the opportunity as not everyone in the world gets opportunities. And you may never get another one so do not waste them. 

Kristina Freeberg, Marketing Manager

"Find happiness in your relationships with people — don't let your job define you." — Sandy Freeberg

Brent Hicks, Enterprise Account Executive 

Here are a few things my mother (Kay Hicks) would say to me: “If you always trust your gut and do the right thing, it’ll work out… And always remember, everything happens for a reason.” “Second place is unacceptable, tough love.” That was tough love.

Pat Isom, Agency Partnership Lead

"Be kind. Enjoy every day. Always be willing to try new things. Give your best in everything you do." — Barbara Isom

Alison Jensen, Senior Account Executive

“Always be kind.” — Sandra Jensen

Steve Kearns, Content Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

“Be kind, compassionate and understanding. People may be fighting battles you know nothing about.” — Barbara Risalvato

Kelly Kyer, Global Director, Technology Vertical Marketing

I think one of the best things my mother, Linda Robinson, ever imparted is that if you surround yourself with good people — you'll do good things. Seems simple enough, but it's so true in all aspects of life, work, friends and family. Life is too short to be around people that don't challenge you to be a better person every day. We're all a work in progress. 

Margaret Lai, Marketing Manager

My mom, Theresa Lai, always told me every decision you make has consequences and that it's important to weigh those before doing anything. She also told me never to dye my hair because it would forever be ruined. I considered both bits of advice and decided to go for the dye job anyway, and since then my hair has never been healthy again.

Jenna Lawson, Associate Events Marketing Manager

My mom, Mary Lawson, taught me to never settle and about the lesson of persistence: “Don't take no for an answer until you've heard it four times.”

Christine Li, Account Executive 

"Not doing anything with your potential is the same as not having any." — Betty Li

Renee Lowe, Marketing Specialist

My mother, Rebecca Lowe, taught me to always be curious and open to learning. She is the reason I'm always wondering why about everything, like why does traffic happen? Why do we do things the way we do?

Carra Manahan, Marketing Manager

"Never be afraid to speak up." — Carmela Manahan

Gaurav Nihalani, Senior Campaign Manager

My mother, Kamal Nihalani, would always tell me "never compare." What she meant by that was I should never compare myself or my situation to others but rather focus only on myself. I have lived by those wise words ever since she first uttered them, and they have helped me set goals for myself, expand my creativity, and value difference and change rather than resist it. In the world of marketing, we seem to always be comparing. How is this platform compared to that? Do I have a higher ROI vs. my competitors? Am I getting more likes, follows, and shares relative to others? Although this kind of insight is valuable and helps establish benchmarks, it can also limit an organization to hold themselves to the same standards as someone else rather than expand those standards and perhaps even create a new standard. When you lose sight of what makes you unique, you allow your environment to dictate your life and your ability to be creative diminishes. The best content isn't a product of what everyone else does but rather what everyone else does is a product of the best content. Be unique, set your own standards, and align them with your own goals. Thanks Ma!

Deanna Pate, Senior Manager, Content Marketing and Communications

“Dream big, girl. Life's too short to aim for ordinary.” — Teresa Lazzaroni

Keith Richey, Senior Director, Global Marketing 

“Do what’s right with all your might.” — Cynthia Richey

Matthew Saleski, Global Enterprise Account Executive

One of my mom’s signature traits was her optimism. Vera Saleski was always the ‘glass is half full’ type of person, and it was contagious. She had a perspective of framing everything in the positive: Instead of "don't forget your mittens;” it was always "Remember your mittens." that taught us to put that positive frame on it. (And we did remember those mittens!).

Shannon Stubo, CMO and Senior VP, Corporate Communications

My mom (Terry Kemmitt) always taught me never to burn bridges because you never know where someone may end up, and you want to have left every situation with a positive vibe. (Her mother’s advice influenced this LinkedIn article).

Justin Shriber, Head of Marketing

When I was a freshman in high school, my mom, Loni Shriber, chaperoned a dance I attended. Unlike most parents who tried to keep their distance from the sea of sweaty teenagers, my mom was in the middle of the action. As I watched her do the Mashed Potato and the monkey, I realized that youth didn't have anything to do with how old you are and that doing what you love always makes you the coolest person on the dance floor. 

Fenot Tekle, Director, Corporate Communications

"Respect is a minimum in your dealings with all people." — Azeb Tekle

Vivek Venugopal, Account Executive

My mom (Rina Venugopal) always says, “Treat others with respect — no matter who they are or what they can do for you.” I think about it almost every time I get a request for help.

Mike Weir, Vertical Director-Technology Industry

My mom (Lynn Weir) reminded me to "be the bigger person and do the right thing." I've always tried to be the best person I can be because of her support and guidance. 

Editor's Note: I also wanted to give a shout out to my own mother, Hannah Callahan, for this advice, which has served me well: “If you like someone, tell them. How else are they going to know?” Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!

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