The LinkedIn Product Team Celebrates Presidents' Day (Video)

February 19, 2017

On Presidents’ Day the nation celebrates the office of President of the United States. The holiday gives the country the opportunity to recognize Thomas Jefferson, Harry Truman, and other great presidents — as well as, we guess, some not-so-great ones. James Buchanan, anyone?

The holiday also gave the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions product team an opportunity to share their opinions on the best U.S. presidents in this short video. Take a look at “The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Product Team Celebrates Presidents’ Day” video to see the various presidents members of the team selected as their favorite to occupy the Oval Office.

In the video, we also asked product team members what Executive Order (pertaining to their area of expertise: B2B marketing) they would issue if they were president for a single day. Click play for their answers on how they'd help B2B marketers.  

"The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Product Team Celebrates Presidents' Day"

This Presidents’ Day video is just one in a series of LinkedIn product team videos we’ve released in the past weeks. Here are some of the others:

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