Top 10 Posts on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog in 2017

July 23, 2017

top 10 blog posts

I’m regularly scrutinizing how readers like you are responding to the LinkedIn Marketing blog. Today, I’m sharing our research into what content we’ve published so far in 2017 is resonating with our readers.

The 10 most popular posts on the LinkedIn Marketing blog in the first half of the year share some characteristics. The posts that have attracted the most traffic are product announcements: Posts that introduced LinkedIn Matched Audiences and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are the top two posts the list. Our readers are clearly thirsting for knowledge on how to leverage LinkedIn for marketing, so we’re going to continue to produce posts that offer insight into the platform that no one else can deliver.

Other popular posts provided valuable information on how to become a better marketer. Two posts recommended useful marketing books: “10 Books Every B2B Marketing Strategist Should Read” and “Your Summer Reading List: 25 Must-Read Marketing Books.” Other posts, such as “Our Five Favorite B2B Marketing Campaigns of 2016” and “Why HR is the New Marketing,” delivered insight into what kind of marketing is working and how the discipline is being transformed.

Read on to see the complete top 10 list of our most popular blog posts for the first half of 2017:

1. Introducing LinkedIn Matched Audiences

In April, LinkedIn launched Matched Audiences. With Matched Audiences, LinkedIn offers three new targeting capabilities:

  • Website retargeting allows marketers to nurture website visitors with always-on campaigns.
  • Account Targeting enables marketers to support their account-based marketing efforts by uploading a CSV list of company names to target on the LinkedIn platform.
  • Contact Targeting allows marketers to upload email address or connect directly to Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, or LiveRamp platforms to target known contacts on LinkedIn.

2. Introducing LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

We announced the launch of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms in April. This new feature makes it easier for marketers to generate leads from LinkedIn Sponsored Content. With Lead Gen Forms, when a LinkedIn member clicks on an ad, their LinkedIn profile information automatically populates an in-app form that they can submit instantly — without having to type in their information by hand. Or by thumb.

3. 10 Books Every B2B Marketing Strategist Should Read

This popular post, which lists 10 books that every B2B marketers should read, shows that marketers thirst for insight into how to do their jobs better. This list includes books by thought leaders such as Joe Pulizzi and Ekaterina Walter. My two favorite books on this list are Welcome to the Funnel and The Big Data-Driven Business, but I may be biased.

4. Your Summer Reading List: 25 Must-Read Marketing Books

Under an umbrella on the beach, vacationing marketers can catch up on the latest in their profession with any one (or all) of the 25 fantastic books on this list. For content marketers, there’s no better book on this list than Marcus Sheridan’s “They Ask, You Answer.”

5. Our Five Favorite B2B Marketing Campaigns of 2016

Marketers are always looking for insight into what other marketers are doing that they can steal, or, if you prefer, borrow. These five campaigns, which include remarkable efforts from Vodafone and Volvo Trucks, offer plenty of material for pilfering.

6. Why HR is the New Marketing

Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, is renowned as an innovative content marketer. In this thought leadership post, he makes the case that human resources is the new marketing, because HR is often responsible for building the employer brand of their company. Effective companies, Brenner writes, “are actually activating employees as a new marketing channel to achieve both HR and marketing objectives.”   

7. 10 Surprising Stats You Didn’t Know About Marketing on LinkedIn

This infographic offers a top 10 of statistics that may surprise you about marketing on LinkedIn. Here are three revealing stats:

  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.
  • 79% of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads.
  • 57% of those who visit LinkedIn do so on a mobile device.

8. The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn: 2017 Edition

This guide was first introduced in 2014 as a way to help marketers understand all the ways they can leverage LinkedIn to reach their audience. But LinkedIn product team has not been sitting still, and this new guide for 2017 is full of updates to help marketers publish content, target their audiences, and track ROI on LinkedIn. 

9. No Budget, No Problem: 7 Free LinkedIn Marketing Tactics

LinkedIn offers a wonderful combination of organic and paid tactics to help marketers reach their target audience at scale. In this post, we focused only on the organic (that is, free) tactics, which include:

  • Posting on your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Posting long-form articles on your profile
  • Posting presentations and infographics on LinkedIn SlideShare

10. Introducing the Top 10 Most Engaged U.S. Agency Executives on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn data, we determined the top 10 most active U.S. executives from advertising agencies on the LinkedIn platform. We analyzed how agency executives used LinkedIn to network, share and consume content, and build their personal brands. The resulting list of the most engaged executives included representatives from large, medium, and small agencies.

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Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash