Video: The LinkedIn Product Team Goes to the Movies

February 26, 2017

Tonight, there’s some sort of annual awards show taking place in Hollywood. Something about the movies?

In case that’s your thing, members of the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions product team recently weighed in with their own thoughts about film. You can see their opinions in this short video, “The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Product Team Goes to the Movies.”

In this video, members of the team such as Bobby Oster, Chris Mann, Taylor Greason, and Vasudha Mithal discuss their favorite pictures and share the actors they’d like to see play them, just in case a film was ever made about their lives.

Marketers will want to take a close look at this video, because Teddy Knox and Andrew Kaplan explain how the LinkedIn marketing platform is like a movie (and how it helps boost marketing performance). Watch to find out why the LinkedIn platform is like “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Wall-E.” 

"The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Product Team Goes to the Movies"

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