Introducing 'The Elevator Pitch: LinkedIn Sponsored Content Edition'

March 4, 2018

Here’s a short blog post about a short new video.

Sometimes, you need to do a deep dive on a product. That’s why there are ebooks and product pages.

Other times, you just need the elevator pitch.

Introducing "The Elevator Pitch: LinkedIn Sponsored Content Edition." This elevator pitch video has the advantage of taking place in an actual elevator — with an elevator operator thrown in for good measure.

In this short and sweet video, LinkedIn Account Executive Chris Elder gives the elevator pitch for LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Here’s the pitch:

LinkedIn Sponsored Content allows marketers to reach their audience through targeted content within the LinkedIn member's feed. This mobile-optimized, native ad format allows marketers to serve upper-, middle- and lower-funnel content to their audience in a professional context – which means that audiences are engaging with content in the right mindset, allowing marketers to develop trust and credibility while achieving their marketing objectives. In fact, LinkedIn Sponsored Content delivers 3X higher conversion rates than other online marketing platforms. 

Check out the video. It will take you less than 75 seconds, and it will make you smile.

The Elevator Pitch: LinkedIn Sponsored Content Edition

Now that's an elevator pitch.

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