SalesLoft Leans on Collaboration and LinkedIn to Boost ABM Results

March 25, 2018

SalesLoft Success Story Video
Account-based marketing is a great approach when you want to eliminate waste from marketing. — SalesLoft’s Marketing Programs Director Eric Martin.

There exist more descriptive definitions of account-based marketing (ABM), but as for why B2B companies should commit to ABM, Martin’s quote above cuts to the heart of what B2B marketers care about: efficient, provable results. And it’s much more than just a quotable one-liner, as you’ll soon discover.

How SalesLoft Sets the Foundation for ABM

With an account-based method, you have to agree on the accounts you’re going after, notes SalesLoft Demand Generation Manager David Ahn. “It starts from day one. Our VPs of marketing and sales get together with the rest of the leadership team to ensure that our criteria is set for the target accounts we want to go after. And once our leaders agree on the audience and accounts we are targeting, they form a service-level agreement between sales and marketing,” says Ahn, adding, “No grey area is found there.”

And the alignment doesn’t stop there, either. With ABM, marketing and sales have opinions about what’s best for a particular account, and SalesLoft’s teams rely on “repetitive, constant communication” at all levels. ABM requires coordination and collaboration. At SalesLoft, alignment is no longer an initiative, but a way of life.

SalesLoft Makes Personalization a Priority

The “awesome thing” about switching to an ABM model, notes Ahn, is that SalesLoft can create content for a very specific audience, and keep the relevance of that message very high, which leads to an overall better experience for the buyer.

SalesLoft ensures a personalized, contextual experience by implementing the following tactics:

  • Building custom landing pages for target companies.
  • Creating personalized video with a message from a SalesLoft team member.
  • Personalizing video content to include the actual viewer’s name.
  • Designing Sponsored Content campaigns for specific personas and accounts.
  • Not over-relying on marketing automation. When meaningful engagement happens within a target account, the SalesLoft team performs research to establish context and determine the best action.

How SalesLoft Uses LinkedIn to Enhance ABM

“The most beautiful thing to me about LinkedIn is that people update their own data,” proclaims Martin. “We’re not purchasing lists with fake data. We know our audience’s job functions, titles, skills, and we look at all those factors to identify the personas at our target accounts. And then LinkedIn allows you to target the exact account. That is so crucial and it really helps us mitigate waste in marketing.”

The exact targeting Martin speaks of is a product of LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences. Once SalesLoft’s leaders agree on account list tiers (which they collaborate on quarterly), the company uses account targeting and contact targeting to reach its exact audience on LinkedIn. By simply integrating the lists with LinkedIn, SalesLoft can seamlessly run ABM campaigns designed to engage decision makers at the prioritized accounts.

By using ABM and LinkedIn to connect with prospects on a deeper level, SalesLoft has seen a substantial reduction in cost-per-conversion. Says Ahn, “Compared to our previous conversion cost before we started on LinkedIn, we’ve almost cut that cost in half using an account-based approach.”

Check out the short video below to see how SalesLoft succeeds with ABM on LinkedIn.

SalesLoft Success Story

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Photo: Nik MacMillan on Unsplash