The Latest Insights from LinkedIn's #AgencyVoices

Through LinkedIn’s #AgencyVoices, Advertising Executives Have a Platform to Discuss the Future of the Industry

April 15, 2018

Agency Voices

The advertising agency world is undergoing tremendous change. Artificial intelligence and other new technologies, competition from consultancies, and a war for attracting and retaining talent all pose challenges to the traditional agency business.

LinkedIn’s Agency Voices program shines a spotlight on top advertising agency executives and their viewpoints as the industry grapples with these and other challenges. Through Agency Voices, executives such as Gina Michnowicz, Sean C. Reardon, Marie-Claire Barker, and others are posting on the LinkedIn platform about the inescapable issues impacting the ad world’s future.

To provide a clear idea on what the Agency Voices participants are writing about, we thought we’d go straight to the source. We interviewed three Agency Voices thought leaders on camera about the posts they’ve written or have planned.

Here’s a cross-section of what they told us:

Gina Michnowicz, CEO, The Craftsman Agency

The future of the CMO is really, I think, daunting … I think the future state of the CMO is going to be, how can you make marketing be really interesting and really creative and really innovative, leveraging the technology and still reporting with the data at the same time — but then making it so that your organizations are really vibrant and excited about what they're doing.

Scott Shamberg, U.S. CEO, Performics

Performics has a relationship with Northwestern University, and we do two things. We release as part of a study called the Intent Lab, the Digital Satisfaction Index. The most recent one we released is around trust and consumer trust — mostly around fake news …  And what we’re finding is that while overall trust in content on consumer’s part is decreasing — roughly half in our latest study of consumers don’t necessary trust the content they’re engaging with — they’re accepting it and still engaging with it, because their expectations on trust are going down and continue to go down.

Jennifer Randolph, SVP-Talent, Zenith Media

It is a war for talent right now, and we’re all competing in the same space. ... There's a lot of noise for candidates out there.  I think what will be important is differentiating who we are from a cultural perspective and what kind of work experience we can offer people.

To see the interviews, take a look at the Agency Voices video below. 

LinkedIn's Agency Voices

And if you want to dive deeper into what these and other agency leaders are discussing, here are a handful of Agency Voices posts that are generating debate in the LinkedIn feed.

First, here's a recent installment of an inventive video series, “The Week in a Minute,” by Jeremy Katz, Worldwide Editorial Director, Ogilvy & Mather.

The Week in a Minute

And here are six more #AgencyVoices posts...

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