How Content Marketing Helps Brands Ride Through Turbulence

Five minutes with Mirae Asset’s Blair Abbott and Matthew Morgan

September 10, 2016

Global financial markets have taken quite a hit in recent times. While this has sent some investors running for cover, it seems that industry marketers are unfazed. We checked-in with Blair Abbott and Matthew Morgan of Mirae Asset Global Investments’ Global Strategic Marketing & Business Development team to learn how they’ve weather-proofed their content marketing program.

LinkedIn: As marketers, what’s your take on the current global financial situation?

Like many things in life, financial markets are inherently cyclical. They are in a constant state of motion. Regardless of market conditions, our role as strategic marketers and business developers is to clearly articulate and communicate how the capabilities of the firm enable it to consistently outperform market benchmarks. In that sense, we are dissociated from transient factors—our audience demands good content whether markets are doing well or not.

LinkedIn: But surely the macroeconomic environment has had some impact on your content marketing program.

Content marketing is not so much a one-time transaction but more of a process that enables relationships to form. This process must continue through good times and bad. That said, we are also aware that, emotionally, the pain of loss is often felt more deeply than the pleasure of gains. So in a challenging environment, thought leadership becomes absolutely more essential for us.

It is crucial that we stay present in the minds of our investors and offer our best arguments to establish Mirae Asset as a market and thought leader. Compelling content helps us build and preserve trust, and reassure our investors that the sky is not falling. The perennial struggle, of course, is to occupy mindshare in a world where everyone and everything is vying for attention.

LinkedIn And what makes for compelling content in the B2B world?

It is true that B2B content can appear dry or unimaginative at first glance. But to play devil’s advocate, not everything can be an inspiring read or packaged as a palatable three-point list story. We honestly think that there should be articles dedicated to subjects suited to the target readers, whatever they may be. Rather than judging content on its mass appeal, we believe that it’s more important to define your intended outcomes and ensure that your content and your channels support the goals that you want to achieve.

We strive to strike a balance in the variety of short-form digestible pieces and longer in-depth analysis. To that extent, we have developed an Asia Portal to showcase our suite of market views and high conviction investment theses. Content marketing is not a static undertaking, but one of continuous improvement as we seek to deliver actionable takeaways and, ultimately, value for our clients.

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